Saturday, 22 November 2008

Once in a lifetime chance

I just entered the contest to be a torchbearer for the 2010 Winter Olympics. 

I will just let that sink in for a minute.

As well as the opportunity to do something that will literally be a once in a lifetime experience, now I have to quit smoking and get back into shape. I mean, if I am an olympic torch runner, that means I have to run. 

I'll start tomorrow, right now I'm feeling kinda lazy.


Friday, 21 November 2008

Chin up

It's Friday, so no more negative posts. Here's today's happy go lucky yippee yahoo la-di-da post.


Thursday, 20 November 2008

Don't piss off the computer guy again

So this morning I'm greeted by an email from the previous post. She indicated 6 things in great detail that she was not happy about and wanted my to drive there and fix them. She also indicated that the cursor was "very funny", and that there would be revenge. I'm not looking for revenge, that was my psychotic little way of revenge on her!

I replied back to her with simple instructions and indicated I would not be coming down today. Silly things but they annoy me. People who refuse to use the noodle in their heads and are content to let others think for them piss me off. Lazy people suck. 

I didn't hear back from her the rest of the day after my reply and that's a good thing. It's bad enough I have to deal with others who refuse to listen to the same instructions handed down over the course of 6 years, today, for them, and just because I didn't feel like doing it a second time, I had a little lesson at the network printer to explain for the umpteenth time how to see if it was actually processing anything.

I started with SEE THE GREEN FLASHING LIGHT? (pointing)
T H A T    M E A N S    I T ' S   D O I N G   S O M E T H I N G !!!!!

End of lesson. 

I kid you not. 
People want someone else to do anything for them, either because they don't want to learn or because they aren't capable of learning.
People are generally lazy and that pisses me off. 

I am so tired of hearing "you're the computer guy, you do it".
Yeah, I'm the computer guy, not the photocopier guy, or the bathroom light guy.

I miss the days of building ads and designing newspaper. Working with editor and sales people in a positive productive manner that leads to awards. Things have changed over the years, maybe I'm just getting grouchy in my old age, or maybe I was always like this and just wasn't provided the proper catalyst to express my displeasure (or disbelief).


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Don't piss off the computer guy

I had to do a complete rebuild of  a production computer today, a process that can take up to 8 hours of boring tedious annoying work. Reinstalling all drivers, software, utilities, files that were removed and backed up and the like. Really fun stuff. One would think that after spending the past few weeks bitching about a failing hard drive, one might be a tiny bit gracious about having it fixed by someone who has driven across the county and sacrificing my day to fix it. 


She stood behind me most of the day complaining about having nothing to do while I worked, asking constantly how much longer it would take, and bitching because she didn't like the desktop pattern I chose. 

This person needed a large glass of shut the fuck up.

Some of her comments:
• The fonts don't work right
• The desktop pattern is wrong
• That printer isn't printing fast enough
• Why do you have to update my internet browser? I liked it the way it was
• I have nothing to do so I may as well leave
• I don't make PDFs like that, I do it the long way - it's easier
• Your tools are all over my desk
• You shouldn't open a computer case on the floor - static electricity you know
• You shouldn't open the case with the power on - It can electrocute you and blow up my computer
• You shouldn't park your car in front of the building - we have employee parking across the street
• Aren't you done? I have work to do
• Why did you wear that colour shirt today
• I don't like the sky being blue
• People who complain a lot are jerks

I'm sure there were more, but I was desperate to tune her out. After she finally left in a huff (without even saying thanks for all the work), her coworkers gathered around and let fly on her. Good to see I'm not alone in this thinking, at least I can go back to my own office. These people live with her every day. Poor people. 

Just before I went home today, I blew her cursor up. I hope she has fun figuring out how to fix it. I will giggle tomorrow thinking of the fit she's throwing over it. The rest of the crew saw me do it, and laughed. "You aren't going to leave it like that, are you?"

Yup, I said, don't piss off the computer tech.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Winter prep

I've got an appointment this morning to new rubber on the car. Several hundred dollars for piece of mind this winter. Right now I'm driving on what could be used for NASCAR slicks. Turning corners in the rain is fun!

Neighbours are putting up Christmas lights, across the street the tree is up in the window, plastic santas and snowmen and making their annual appearance, and the stores are decorating with Christmas music playing overhead. But customers last night at the mall were far and few between. The recession strikes again!

I'm weighing my priorities right now and Christmas just lost. I need tires (Merry Christmas to me), oldest needs a suit for confirmation, youngest has a birthday in two weeks, Kim has tuition to pay, and oh yeah, we need groceries. Christmas hasn't hit yet. The snow arrived early this year, which of course disturbs the hell out of me, hence the tires. I'm not ready yet, and can't see when I will be. Maybe after the birthday. 

It's hard to focus on something so far off these days - so much to worry about now. I envy people who's lives are so organized that everything is done months in advance. We tend to be the type that plan things an hour prior to an event. Hey, it keeps life fun! Those who plan that early for anything obviously don't have enough to worry about, their lives are in order, they themselves are perfect people with nothing to distract them from the task at hand. I hate them all. 

I saw a quick poll on the news the other days that said 16% of respondents already had their Christmas shopping finished. Take out the 5 or 6 % of them who really had nothing to prepare for, and that leaves 10% of the population that I hate. 

They probably didn't need to buy tires.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Random Thoughts

#1: I drive home down the same stretch of expressway everyday.
Every day, for the past three week, there has been a dead skunk on the inside shoulder. 

Three weeks.
Do the math. 

My theory is that it stinks so bad nobody at the town is willing to venture near it to remove it, so there is sits, I know when to hold my breath at this point - As soon as I pull out of the parking lot at work.

#2: Youngest comes down yesterday while we were the only ones home with a mitt full of dolls and other 'props'. She politely asked if I want to see her rendition of Nutcracker Suite. Sure I say, as I gave her my full attention. She then asks me if I could videotape the performance so mom and Brother could see it when they arrive home. Sure I say, but wouldn't it just make sense to wait another half hour for them to arrive and then we could all see it?
"Alright daddy, that's a good idea", and off she goes, leaving the props in my chair that I relinquished momentarily.

#3: We went shopping tonight for my son's Confirmation suit. After racking up a substantial sum on clothing we were informed that all he wanted was a hoody. Oh boy, wrong thing to say to a parent.

#4: Kim is in her PJs writing a paper that's due tomorrow. She stopped at the store, got herself diet Pepsi and smokes, curled up in her chair in her office, pillow behind her. She's got it going now, but I think there was an alternative reason for shopping for the suit tonight. I smell an all-nighter! Too bad I'll be sleeping.

#5: Got an ear full from my press manager today - The Christmas Gift Guides arrived at the warehouse this morning, two days early and will spend that time in the parking lot under a tarp. There's a reason we asked for the delivery when we did - the warehouse is slightly smaller than the average house plan. Two days ago we had a paper delivery - enough to print our customers for about 3 weeks. The warehouse also holds other products coming and going, papers waiting for pickup, waste waiting for recycling, inserting stations, etc. etc. He has to hold this stuff until Wednesday when the inserters will go to town. When he was done ranting, I informed him the second load would be arriving today. I'm such a nice guy.

Random useless tidbits of information from my end of the planet. Nothing special, just a peek inside my mind.


Sunday, 16 November 2008

'Nuff said

The end of Autumn is upon us.

Somewhere in the back of that car is my scraper.