Thursday, 20 November 2008

Don't piss off the computer guy again

So this morning I'm greeted by an email from the previous post. She indicated 6 things in great detail that she was not happy about and wanted my to drive there and fix them. She also indicated that the cursor was "very funny", and that there would be revenge. I'm not looking for revenge, that was my psychotic little way of revenge on her!

I replied back to her with simple instructions and indicated I would not be coming down today. Silly things but they annoy me. People who refuse to use the noodle in their heads and are content to let others think for them piss me off. Lazy people suck. 

I didn't hear back from her the rest of the day after my reply and that's a good thing. It's bad enough I have to deal with others who refuse to listen to the same instructions handed down over the course of 6 years, today, for them, and just because I didn't feel like doing it a second time, I had a little lesson at the network printer to explain for the umpteenth time how to see if it was actually processing anything.

I started with SEE THE GREEN FLASHING LIGHT? (pointing)
T H A T    M E A N S    I T ' S   D O I N G   S O M E T H I N G !!!!!

End of lesson. 

I kid you not. 
People want someone else to do anything for them, either because they don't want to learn or because they aren't capable of learning.
People are generally lazy and that pisses me off. 

I am so tired of hearing "you're the computer guy, you do it".
Yeah, I'm the computer guy, not the photocopier guy, or the bathroom light guy.

I miss the days of building ads and designing newspaper. Working with editor and sales people in a positive productive manner that leads to awards. Things have changed over the years, maybe I'm just getting grouchy in my old age, or maybe I was always like this and just wasn't provided the proper catalyst to express my displeasure (or disbelief).


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  1. Our old printer processed things *really* slowly, to the point that our standard response was, "Are you printing a pdf? Is the light blinking? It's working."


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