Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Eighties party update

OK, so we had our eighties party. The girls got dolled up in their best big hair and weird accessories, the guys wore T-Shirts and denim. We had the music going through dinner, yes, I did BBQ; then someone decided they'd rather be playing Rock Band. 

The eighties flew out the window at that point.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Eighties

We're having an eighties BBQ tomorrow. 

This aught to be interesting, the BBQ is to force Spring, the eighties is just to have a theme. You see, Kim and Shelley just can't do gatherings without themes. We've done all kinds of them, from Hawaiian Luaus to Live Aid parties. Once we even set up the TV in the back yard complete with stereo system and played the Live 8 concert with 40 people singing along. Tomorrow, they've decided it's the eighties all over again. 

The BBQ will be going, we shoveled the snow off it today and cut a path to it. Hair will be spiked, clothing will be retro, the kids will be confused. 

Kim is trying to assemble a kick-ass eighties play list right now. 

Any ideas?