Thursday, 23 October 2014

ISIS just started WWIII

We're at war again.

This time it's against an ideology, not a country. Not unlike the war that started with the Nazi ideology of the 1930s. Hitler laid the foundations of militant beliefs in the 1920s with his book Mien Kampf, and has unfortunately managed to radicalize people to this day. ISIS has a different ideology but based in the same frame of mind.

ISIS believe in conquering the world with its fanatically views of religion, specifically Sharia Law. They've blasted their rhetoric across the world and have attacked and stolen territory from sovereign nations. They have vowed to kill anyone who does not believe in this, broadcast messages to believers of their putrid beliefs around the world and are succeeding in brainwashing converts to Islam into killing non-believers.

They have started a world war.

Their disgusting displays of violence is unprecedented. Not even the Taliban is this cruel. Beheading children, selling women into slavery, crucifixions, stonings, and more. There is a video online (which I will not post due to its disturbing nature), that shows men lined up to be shot. One by one the men walk down a boat dock towards a man with a handgun, who casually shoots them in the head and tosses the body into the river. I just about puked when I saw that. You cannot un-see what has been seen. This incredibly brutal video went on for about five minutes. Many men died in that short time. Hitler killed over six million Jews and the war he started cost the lives of over ten million people, of which 46,998 of whom were Canadian. But this is different. The brutality is unlike anything the world has seen in hundreds of years.

ISIS has started a world wide crusade not unlike the Christian crusades of 800 years ago when western Christian nations, under the direction of the Popes, invaded the Holy land to recapture it from the Muslim Sultans. The crusades were wrong. They never should have happened, and the same can be said about the events in Syria and Iraq today. Just as the Sultans repelled the crusades, we MUST repel ISIS.

WO Patrice Vincent
Cpl. Nathan Cirillo
In the past week this new war has come home. With the killing of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo, ISIS has managed to come to Canada's shores. They have convinced Canadian to kill their own soldiers. The men responsible for these murders were recent converts to Islam and as the RCMP has indicated were radicalized to Sharia tendencies by ISIS. The RCMP has 90 men on their terrorist watch list. They have identified 30 people who have already gone overseas to fight with ISIS, and are watching about 130 more.

Why are they letting this happen?

Recently Prime Minister Harper authorized the deployment of the Armed Forces to assist in the battle against ISIS. Six CF-18 Fighter/Bombers, 2 Aurora surveillance aircraft and a tanker, as well as 600 support staff, are on their way to Kuwait. This is in addition to special forces troops (JTF2) to act as advisors to those fighting the insurgency. This is all too little too late. 

We have a strong military in comparison to its relatively small size. We should be doing much more than this. We have proven ourselves in combat around the world, and yes, we have paid the price. War memorials, not unlike the National War Memorial in Ottawa all round Canada are tributes to our fallen men and women who have taken up the fight and paid the ultimate price. We stepped up time and time again, most recently in Afghanistan where we lost 157 soldiers and one diplomat. We stepped up. All countries should. The US has committed air power and ground advisors to the fight but that will not stop them. Bombing their tanks does not stop the people in occupied territories from beheading children.

There are those who are insisting the the Canadian Forces be deployed across Canada to deal with the threat. Stop them here first and deal with them overseas later, or let other more powerful nations go head to head. Bullshit. We need to be there, in force. All countries with any sense of right and wrong should be there. We need to protect the innocent people from the hell that has befallen them. If we don't we're no better than the occupying powers. People are going to die in this war, thousands already have. The fact that two of them were here on Canadian soil is a tragedy, but we need to look at the bigger picture. This is just going to get worse. ISIS is radicalizing thousands to their cause all around the world and it needs to be stopped where it started, in Syria and Iraq.

Nations involved in the fight against ISIS:

United States
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Iraqi Kurdistan

Anyone think this is enough?


The United Nations needs to get involved. NATO needs to commit. Russia and her allies need to step up. More Middle Eastern countries need to open their eyes to the immediate threat to their territories and way of life. So much more than this measly list needs to be done. Now.

We're entering an unprecedented time in modern history. We're entering an era where an idea can rage like the plague around the world, leaving no nation untouched, and cause havoc the likes we have never seen. Thanks to modern technology like social media, there is no stopping it. We can't just turn off our TVs. The ideology of ISIS is spreading and it cannot be stopped unless it is from the source. We must band together and cut the beast's head off. We must fight for what WE believe and not be subject to someone else's beliefs. We must protect those around the world that cannot protect themselves.

We must fight.