Monday, 17 November 2008

Random Thoughts

#1: I drive home down the same stretch of expressway everyday.
Every day, for the past three week, there has been a dead skunk on the inside shoulder. 

Three weeks.
Do the math. 

My theory is that it stinks so bad nobody at the town is willing to venture near it to remove it, so there is sits, I know when to hold my breath at this point - As soon as I pull out of the parking lot at work.

#2: Youngest comes down yesterday while we were the only ones home with a mitt full of dolls and other 'props'. She politely asked if I want to see her rendition of Nutcracker Suite. Sure I say, as I gave her my full attention. She then asks me if I could videotape the performance so mom and Brother could see it when they arrive home. Sure I say, but wouldn't it just make sense to wait another half hour for them to arrive and then we could all see it?
"Alright daddy, that's a good idea", and off she goes, leaving the props in my chair that I relinquished momentarily.

#3: We went shopping tonight for my son's Confirmation suit. After racking up a substantial sum on clothing we were informed that all he wanted was a hoody. Oh boy, wrong thing to say to a parent.

#4: Kim is in her PJs writing a paper that's due tomorrow. She stopped at the store, got herself diet Pepsi and smokes, curled up in her chair in her office, pillow behind her. She's got it going now, but I think there was an alternative reason for shopping for the suit tonight. I smell an all-nighter! Too bad I'll be sleeping.

#5: Got an ear full from my press manager today - The Christmas Gift Guides arrived at the warehouse this morning, two days early and will spend that time in the parking lot under a tarp. There's a reason we asked for the delivery when we did - the warehouse is slightly smaller than the average house plan. Two days ago we had a paper delivery - enough to print our customers for about 3 weeks. The warehouse also holds other products coming and going, papers waiting for pickup, waste waiting for recycling, inserting stations, etc. etc. He has to hold this stuff until Wednesday when the inserters will go to town. When he was done ranting, I informed him the second load would be arriving today. I'm such a nice guy.

Random useless tidbits of information from my end of the planet. Nothing special, just a peek inside my mind.


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  1. Yes, i am fully embracing all that is student-hood.
    Next up..class in my p.j's and a good old fashioned pub crawl. But that will have to wait as it is the week of papers. Three due in the next 7 days.
    Hope you don't mind cooking...for the next week. Smoke alarm batteries are all set for you.


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