Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Winter prep

I've got an appointment this morning to new rubber on the car. Several hundred dollars for piece of mind this winter. Right now I'm driving on what could be used for NASCAR slicks. Turning corners in the rain is fun!

Neighbours are putting up Christmas lights, across the street the tree is up in the window, plastic santas and snowmen and making their annual appearance, and the stores are decorating with Christmas music playing overhead. But customers last night at the mall were far and few between. The recession strikes again!

I'm weighing my priorities right now and Christmas just lost. I need tires (Merry Christmas to me), oldest needs a suit for confirmation, youngest has a birthday in two weeks, Kim has tuition to pay, and oh yeah, we need groceries. Christmas hasn't hit yet. The snow arrived early this year, which of course disturbs the hell out of me, hence the tires. I'm not ready yet, and can't see when I will be. Maybe after the birthday. 

It's hard to focus on something so far off these days - so much to worry about now. I envy people who's lives are so organized that everything is done months in advance. We tend to be the type that plan things an hour prior to an event. Hey, it keeps life fun! Those who plan that early for anything obviously don't have enough to worry about, their lives are in order, they themselves are perfect people with nothing to distract them from the task at hand. I hate them all. 

I saw a quick poll on the news the other days that said 16% of respondents already had their Christmas shopping finished. Take out the 5 or 6 % of them who really had nothing to prepare for, and that leaves 10% of the population that I hate. 

They probably didn't need to buy tires.


  1. Do you really hate me?

    I'm chronically organized around the holidays. Not in a Martha Stewart I Deserve to be Stabbed kind of way, but in a I'm Prone to Holiday Depression so I try to Minimize the Stress kind of way.

  2. Just to add insult to injury, the birthday is next week..NOT two weeks away.

  3. You hate me too.

    Though last year was worse. Last year I purchased a Christmas gift in March.

    I hate going to the malls, so if I get it done early--and better yet do most of my shopping on-line--I don't have to set foot in a mall during the entire month of December!


  4. OK, I stuck my foot in my mouth, let me rephrase - I mildly dislike the organizational abilities you show to the point where I am annoyed at my own failings in with the shopping thing. Moreover, I just hate shopping! I did however buy myself tire for Christmas, so as long as that's all I buy, I hate myself too!



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