Thursday, 10 December 2009

Winter on the way

So the mercury dropped to -8 tonight, and the wind blew in through the redneck door.


So Kim and I, being the resourceful folks that we are, decided to 'fix' it. Here is Kim, dressed like a Newfie, weatherproofing the redneck door. Try not to keep this image in your head too long. Come to think of it, I really should stop posting things about the redneck door.
It's slowly becoming all too true. We decided the first thing we're fixing in the Spring is this door, we will hire someone to replace it down to the framing. It's long overdue. But in the meantime, a couple of blankets, and 2x4 and some well placed 2 1/2" spiral nails will do nicely.

We've starting prepping for Christmas around here, lights have gone up, and the tree comes this weekend. We started getting prepped at work too, our tree went up in the foyer and we had the windows painted. The girls went off to buy decoratings for the tree, which came in tubes similar to wrapping paper tubes. As I walked by the day it was going up, one of them asked me if I wanted to help. I was ridiculously busy at the time, and couldn't spare the time, I did however grab one of the tubes of bulbs and shoved the whole thing into the tree. With a smirk, I said, "there, how's that?"


Mary was short and to the point. I went back into my office, and printed one word on a piece of paper and taped it to my door, and closed it. Humbug.

Mary taped another sign over mine...

I'm not a scrooge, they just had bad timing! I'm eager for Christmas and the family oriented hope that it brings. After the past year we need that. Now that Kim is back to work, hopefully there's no fear about the season's approach. It will get better. And once we get a door almost back to normal.

Then what will I have to post about?