Tuesday, 9 February 2010


The networks were all over the snowstorm today, huge warnings, one station in Detroit even declared a snow emergency the day before the storm hit. So heading off down the highway to Kingsville this morning was not without it's reservations. I had been listening all morning and was fully prepared for at least six inches of blowing snow coming home, the storm they said, would be at it's worst around Tuesday evening, just before dusk.


I leave work Tuesday evening, just before dusk.

So after work, with the sun still up, I cleaned off the car and hit the road. The snowplows had been busy all day in this sleepy little town, they always are. Kingsville keeps their roads well maintained, but I slid sideways just pulling out. I edged my way onto the highway, not because of the snow, but because grandpa in front of me had never seen it before, and decided to drive 20 in a 70. Luckily, he turned off, and I was left with the open road.


This wasn't a snowstorm. Growing up we had snowstorms. Having your mother ask you to dig out the car and you asking which pile is was; that was a snowstorm. This was nothing. This 'storm' was the first real snow we've seen this year, which at the end of the day doesn't bother me one bit. Less shoveling, less scraping, less shit. I like the look of it on the trees and in the backyard, and I appreciate the potential it brings for winter fun, but I drive alot. And I don't miss it. Clean open roads are a blessing in February. Those poor people on the Atlantic seaboard are socked in and suffering, and I'm doing 100 down the highway.

Hee hee. I don't apologize for laughing at your pain, I'm sure the people in the south are laughing at both of us.

Anyway, I sauntered home tonight, maxxed out at 60 on the Arner Townline, the snow there was blowing across the road with a good clip, and Arner is known for it's massive ditches on either side - one wrong move and your car disappears. Turning onto Highway 3, the road opened up, the snow was clear and I headed straight on to Windsor. No problem.

Then I hit Windsor. No frickin' plows anywhere. The roads were slick and covered, and the other drivers meandered along like they were leisurely window shopping at the mall. 20 on Walker. Nice. Barely any cars in sight. When I finally got to a plowed portion of the road, I opened the throttle to a blistering 30 kph in a 60 zone. That was on clear road.

The normal 45 minute drive took around one hour and ten minutes tonight, not bad for the snow emergency day. I'm a very careful driver, I tend to hold the wheel with both hands when the need arises, but I also know how to move the car when the time comes. The biggest problem tonight wasn't the weather, it was the people who should NOT have been driving in it because they just don't know how.

Maybe if we actually had snow around here anymore people would be used to it, but we don't, so we have idiots. C'est la vie.

They're calling for another 5 inches overnight, so the morning commute should be about the same, but judging by tonight, I should only swear alot until I get out of this city. We'll see.

My son asked me if he could stay home tomorrow because of the snow. When I was done laughing, I replied that when I can't get to work after a 45 minute highway drive, he can stay home. Until then, get out your boots. The bell rings at 8:30.