Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring? Really?

So it's spring. The birds are singing, the cars have lowered their roofs, the children have actually gone outside, the windows in the house have been opened, blah, blah, blah. We've had some beautiful days so far, I've fixed bikes, cleaned up the yard, we've enjoyed one round of porch and BBQd. All nice enough, but then yesterday the cold reality hit - and I do mean cold. The temp only got up to 4 degrees, and right now it's only 1 degree outside. Spring my ass.

Since spring has come (and apparently gone again), we've had some interesting days around Wilsonworld. We've adopted a new cat, a scrawny affectionate little furball named Stella. You can read all about her at Kim's blog,

The kids have a Wii now, and Kim has taken up boxing. In just three days she's brought her Wii fit age down from 74 to 55. I'm still at 80. She keeps complaining her shoulders hurt - it's a good workout, and that's great. Maybe she'll actually inspire me to start. The ironic thing is that she's spent a good portion her time hitting a virtual punching bag, but we have a real heavy bag hanging in the back yard!

We celebrated Easter with friends and family last week. 10 for dinner and 20 for porch, on a beautiful evening. We brought out the best dishes and silver, all the kids drank from wine glasses, and we toasted my father, as this was our first Easter without him. Some tears were shed, but not as many as I thought there would have been, just as in the days after his passing, we celebrated his life and what he gave to us, not his death and what we lost.

I've had my work hours cut. That's a sore point. My hours, and those of two others have been cut to pay for a part time person doing the same work. My boss - whom I have absolutely no respect or appreciation for; has now made a stupid company decision that costs me money instead of him. I've been waiting for that to happen. Oh well, sooner or later fate will catch up to him. I don't need to help this jackass get himself into trouble - he does quite nicely on his own. Am I bitter? yup. Now not only has he shipped me across the county to work (gas is fun to pay for), and demoted me, now he's cut my hours. He says the girls in the other office are overworked and need help. So it's up to my to sacrifice my own pay for that? He created this situation, he can get himself out of it. It's really difficult here not to tear the man a new one, I have to keep in the back of my mind that this post is public!

Neighbours are changing this spring too. The house across the street that my friends had seized by the bank last summer has a new owner. A family with two young boys. I've met the mother, she's nice enough but the language barrier is huge - she's chinese and doesn't do english very well. They're doing alot of work on the house, I just find it funny that they have newspapers covering the windows, and they keep shuffling the papers around every day. Almost like they went up as blinds before they were fully read! The house next to that one has new tenants as well, but I'm not crazy about them. A young woman and her very young son, and several men who visit daily. Hmmmm.

So as I sit here listening to the birds fall out of the trees in their frozen death throws, while hugging a coffee and listening to Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition (one of my favourite symphonies), I leave you with a morning giggle. Here's a video that sums up this lovely spring morning....