Monday, 4 May 2015

Stupid People. Stop Them. Please. I Beg You.

 No amount of medication available on today's market can possibly make a positive improvement to the vast quantity of stupid infecting many people today. I'm sick, I can take meds. You're stupid, there's no hope.

Lately we've been subjected to such utter bullshit and hyperbole it makes my head spin. We as a society are getting dumber by the day, our cumulative IQ dropping by the week. Why? We're sheeple. We see something online and we think to ourselves "hey, he's got a point. A dumb one, but a point, I have no brain of my own, so I'll just be a parasite on his". We no longer think for ourselves, we've hit the lowest common denominator - we believe dumb shit people with no valid grey matter say.

The advent of modern communications was supposed to inform us and make us better people. Apparently most people haven't figured that out yet, and when I say most, I actually mean the majority of those who somehow manage to get their idiotic self-serving un-educated and vitriolic points across, the problem?

We listen to this drivel.

Take Texas for example. They have an idiot for a governor - Greg Abbot (R). He just called out the National Guard to keep an eye on the US military's Exercise Jade Helm 2015. He thinks Obama is invading Texas and declaring martial law. So he's a whack-a-loon, that's okay, there's many of those. But who's worse, him or the idiots who believe him and spread this moronic message? Texans are grabbing their guns, bibles and confederate flags and heading out into the unknown. Someone's gonna get shot.

Then there's the US Senate. Last week they passed a bill clearly agreeing that global warming is a thing. But it is NOT man-made. This is the senate. This is the American upper house, they are suppose to be smart, surprise, they're idiots. If man hasn't caused global warming then who did?

I worked for an idiot. How he ever managed to get the job is beyond me, but one day he told us he bought a new piece of equipment, and we cheered. When we told him it wouldn't fit in the building, he simply said "move that wall over about six feet, it'll fit fine, I already bought it so..." We told him the wall was load bearing and the building would fall down. He told us to move it so the building doesn't fall down. Luckily, soon after I left, this idiot did too, on the boot of his boss.

I also worked with an idiot who told me one day the internet was broken. We went to her computer where she typed in an address, turned to me and said "see! nothing's happening!" I reached over her shoulder, hit enter and walked away. She's an idiot.

We make stupid people famous. The Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo's mom (don't really care what her name is), Sarah Palin, Paris Hilton, Miley Cirrus, and the guys from Duck Dynasty. Stupid. Stop that, stop following them, stop giving them attention, they crave that and not the right reasons. Giving these idiots any sort of attention means they won't ever go away, and to make matters worse, we've made them unbelievably rich in the process. Wouldn't it be SMARTER of us to give money to worthy causes that help the average person get along in life, like I don't know... EDUCATION? The problem of course at the bottom line is that STUPID PEOPLE ARE MAKING OTHER STUPID PEOPLE RICH AND FAMOUS. Thank you, John McCain, stand and take a bow.

We vote for these people, we follow them on twitter, we watch their shows, hell, the only reason Beiber is famous is YouTube. And some stupid person decided he would be a good thing. Stupid people getting ahead of those with brains and talent is entirely our fault. Is it because we're so inexplicably drawn to the preverbal train wreck? Who knows, or cares.

But the fact is there are now more idiots with money than smart people without.

I'll be the first to admit I've said and done some pretty dumb things in my life. While I don't claim to be a rocket scientist, I can at least carry on an intelligent conversation with someone with a descent level of intelligence. I hate arguing with stupid people. As Mark Twain so elegantly put it, "you can't argue with a stupid person because they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience". I like engaging intellectually stimulating verbage with substance. Honey Boo Boo is NOT substance. It's a brain aneurysm in the making.

Stop it. Stop voting for morons, watching morons, working for morons (easier said than done), stop giving stupid people reason to beat you with experience. And most of all, stop giving them money.

I'm going to get reamed for this post. Someone out there is going to tell me I am over the top on this and I'm doing nothing but insulting people. Not true, I'm insulting idiots. To those who think I'm one, you're entitled to you opinion.

I don't judge.