Sunday, 6 September 2009

Family Room

We finished painting the family room today. It used to be dad's living room, but now that he's not here we have to use it for something, family room is a no brainer. The last thing I want is for it to be a junk room, we already have 23 of those. Just for fun, I went back through the photo archive and found the pics we took of the house prior to moving in. The man we bought it from was kind enough to let us come in with a camera so we could plan things out, not to mention plan out the crap we needed to fix once we were in. That list seemed to be longer.

Without further adieu, here we go...

This is the before and after of the family room, which is actually 20'x10', this shot is deceiving. Pardon the crappy ceiling, I haven't got to that yet:

Next, we have a before and after of the front hallway. The former owner is standing in the doorway:

Next up on the tour, the kitchen...

And finally, the living room. This room hasn't changed much, still the same paint. It's next on the hit list.

So that's our home. Hope you enjoyed the tour. It's neat to see how much things change over the years, even short ones. We have much still to do to make this place truly ours, but it takes time. What I haven't posted here is the outside - new windows, shutters, gardens, fence, shed, patio, doors, and more. I'll save that for another time, right now, I have to move the PS2 into the family room, there's games to be played!