Saturday, 19 September 2009


So I woke up at 7 this morning, poured coffee, drank half of it, and pulled the car onto the lawn. Loaded it with shit for the dump and headed out, thinking an early start will keep the line behind me instead of in front.

No line, in and out of the dump in 30 minutes. On the way home, I vacuumed the leftovers out of the back, bought a paper (plus one for the elderly lady next door), and pointed the car towards home. On the way I see no line in the Ministry of Transport office. Thinking that my stickers are up fore renewal next week, I stopped. Before I even took the number a voice says, "can I help you?" Half stunned by the comment (mostly because it's the Ministry of Transport, and they're really not ever in the mood to 'help' you), I walked up, paid my $74 and got my plate sticker. 5 minutes. Done.

Ran in the house, my daughter is right where I left her, on the computer playing the Sims, Kim is up and on her computer, and no sign of the teenager yet - still snoring. I poured more coffee, went out onto the porch, watered the plants, replaced the removable storage unit in the back of the car (it came out for the dump load), and sat down to drink my coffee.

Another half cup. I attacked a load of dishes.

I'm antsy today. It's now 10:03 am and I've done more this morning than many will do all day. Now I'm writing a little, while finally finishing a coffee. What's next? I have some cleaning to do downstairs, and I want to get the back yard tidied up. I'll get there, hopefully before I crash.

It pays to be a morning person. Right now, there's some poor schmuck at the dump in line waiting for his chance to enhance our lovely landfill. Wouldn't it suck if he had to renew his plates today?


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Broken Promises

I promised it years ago.
I have been true to my word.
I have never wavered from my convictions.
I have always insisted that my family would be better for it.
I have always maintained my integrity and honour, and my family has reaped the benefits of the promise, the decision I made in 1994.

And now I've broken it.

Much to my and my family's dismay, I have failed them.

There is now a PC in my home.

Argh. I hate it.

We now have 3 Macs and one PC. I will continue to believe in Mac and will not EVER touch that infernal machine. It won't touch my wireless network, and it will remain behind a closed door, where my guests will still only see the one true machine. The Mac.

It will be relegated to inferior status, forever mocked and chided by those machines it aspires to become, but never will.

It will not become the house computer, only one of necessity, until the world comes to it's senses, and sees the error of it's ways. Bill Gates has no friends here, and his
machine shall not be the window to my home. And if it does, his stare will be met with a site sure to make him cringe - The mighty Apple.

Feel free at this point to chastise me for my
views, all you sheep whom Mr. Gates has enticed to the dark side with the promise of power, ease of use, convenience, and cookies.

I am Keith, I'm a Mac user, and I'm proud of it!