Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Don't piss off the computer guy

I had to do a complete rebuild of  a production computer today, a process that can take up to 8 hours of boring tedious annoying work. Reinstalling all drivers, software, utilities, files that were removed and backed up and the like. Really fun stuff. One would think that after spending the past few weeks bitching about a failing hard drive, one might be a tiny bit gracious about having it fixed by someone who has driven across the county and sacrificing my day to fix it. 


She stood behind me most of the day complaining about having nothing to do while I worked, asking constantly how much longer it would take, and bitching because she didn't like the desktop pattern I chose. 

This person needed a large glass of shut the fuck up.

Some of her comments:
• The fonts don't work right
• The desktop pattern is wrong
• That printer isn't printing fast enough
• Why do you have to update my internet browser? I liked it the way it was
• I have nothing to do so I may as well leave
• I don't make PDFs like that, I do it the long way - it's easier
• Your tools are all over my desk
• You shouldn't open a computer case on the floor - static electricity you know
• You shouldn't open the case with the power on - It can electrocute you and blow up my computer
• You shouldn't park your car in front of the building - we have employee parking across the street
• Aren't you done? I have work to do
• Why did you wear that colour shirt today
• I don't like the sky being blue
• People who complain a lot are jerks

I'm sure there were more, but I was desperate to tune her out. After she finally left in a huff (without even saying thanks for all the work), her coworkers gathered around and let fly on her. Good to see I'm not alone in this thinking, at least I can go back to my own office. These people live with her every day. Poor people. 

Just before I went home today, I blew her cursor up. I hope she has fun figuring out how to fix it. I will giggle tomorrow thinking of the fit she's throwing over it. The rest of the crew saw me do it, and laughed. "You aren't going to leave it like that, are you?"

Yup, I said, don't piss off the computer tech.



  1. You are an evil, evil man, and my new very best friend.


  2. Way to go ... knew I loved you for more than just the fact that you're family .... hehehe!!!

  3. I've been reading Stonekettle. It's rubbing off!


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