Saturday, 25 October 2008

Que'st que frick?

Les Canadiens de Montreal losing to the frickin' Disney Ducks. The grand masters of hockey losing to a team created after a stoooopid Disney movie is just plain sacrelage. There is something seriously wrong here. Likewise Ottawa losing to Toronto does not make me happy. Just add it to the strangeness of the day. Side note: Kim has a theory about why hockey players are getting bigger - they have in order to get their names to fit the jerseys. Pontakarofski just scored for Toronto, by the time you even say his name, 20 more seconds have passed.


Turning to Baseball now, the rain delay stopping game 3 is still in effect, however the game is expected to continue within a half hour. Hockey takes priority in this house.

It's now 6-3 Dicks over Montreal.

I am an ardent Ottawa Senators fan, Kim is a Habs fan, and the kids root for Toronto. Frankly, being from the great white beyond, any Canadian team will do. I have great affection for any of the original six team, including Detroit, Chicago, New York and Boston, but the Canadian teams take priority. I live to see the day that Lord Stanley's pail (the cat's namesake) resides back in our hands without just laying around in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Saturday night means hockey night, complete with munchies and drinks. The kids curl up on our laps and root for the blue and white, while we ponder bad trades and whatever Don Cherry is preaching about this week.

Ottawa just went down 3-2 to Toronto.

The kids are poking fun at me, but sportsmanship is accepting that you don't always win, you support your team in good and bad and accept the fact that the better team will win the day.
Of course except when the team is Disney.

Final score 6-4 Ducks.

Qu'est que frick.


Well, people have visited, thanks to the wife, now I suppose I need to post things. Let's start with a day of deja vu. Not since I had a blog years ago did my old back injury flare up and leave me incompacitated.  Guess what. On the very day I start over, my back goes out with great fanfare and tons of pain. Can't quite figure out why, except that I'm out of shape and drive a desk for a living, exercise seems to be optional in my life. It's about time I did something about that. I just ran a nice Jacuzzi bath, hopefully that will help. For my fortieth birthday a friend gave me a tube of Ben Gay. My wife got me a coffin and tombstone. I think tonight I will try the Ben Gay. 

So what else do you do when old injuries flare up? Of course, go pumpkin hunting. A family road trip into the county looking for a new pumpkin patch is just what the doctor ordered. Our old haunt closed last year - funny that the unfortunate victim of a messy divorce would be the local pumpkin patch and annual haunted hayride. Oh well, it's a weird town.

We've come home, pumpkins in hand after a 40 km drive to find a new place. The kids are happy, the wife is content, and I'm in considerable pain. Life is good. Of course, I'm the only driver in the family, so do the math.

Time to sit back and stretch, watch Lord Stanley cry for more catnip and settle in for a good hockey game - Toronto and Ottawa tonight, should be good, even if I can't feel my toes.


More of what I deal with...

The Cat.
This is Lord Stanley of Wilsonworld. He rules the place and holds the mortgage, all of us answer to his every whim. In a perfect world he's our pet, in my world, he's the boss. Sitting on my keyboard and relaxing is a regular occurrence around here, makes it hard to get anything done. He also has a nasty habit of leaving us a mouse every now and then on the porch. At least we know he loves us.

What I deal with everyday

Meet my wife...

She only had 1 coffee at this point, she usually puts makeup on and combs her hair.

A new crisis

Ok, so I've restarted my blog. I had one about a hundred years ago, but I killed it because I never got a chance to post. Every now and then when something really irked me I wrote at length about it, in hindsight there are a few I would have loved to have saved, but alas, I was a dumb-ass and lost them. Let's try again shall we!

This blog is in retaliation for my wife's blog -
She references me at times, for better and worse (mostly better) and I feel the need to get her back. Go there and laugh at her - she's almost as screwed up as I am. She's a good writer, a student and a mom, great friend and nemesis. She needs a counterpoint at times - hence, me.

I really have nothing groundbreaking to say at this point, just a starter. No news on yet to comment on, nothing in my world to expunge on unless you count my sick father in my basement, my weird job, my kids sitting on the couch watching a poker tournament instead of cartoons, and the fact that we're just too damn stubborn to turn the heat on yet, so we're all covered in blankets and heavy sweaters.

My cat holds the mortgage on the place - we answer to him. My wife is also in the midst of a mid-life crisis, my car needs new tires, the foundation has a hole in it, yadda yadda yadda, nothing to really see here, move along please. Maybe move along to
Great photographer, great writer, fellow newspaper guy. You'll like his sense of humour and wit. This is one of those people you need a dictionary in hand to read his stuff.

This is my first post with nothing really to write, so it ends here today. More useless facts when I feel like it.