Sunday, 7 December 2014

Watch Your Mouth

We are afraid to speak our minds anymore.

The politically correct bandwagon has rolled back into town and we're all jumping on board. There are many world events ongoing right now that have people riled up; from ISIS causing Islamiphobia, to the Ukrainian situation, to cops killing unarmed people in the US, to gay rights. Everyone has an opinion on something. And we should! Our differences are what make us unique. If we all thought and acted the same way we would have no freedom of anything. No freedom of thought, freedom of individuality, freedom of choice, it would be a truly distopian world as George Orwell imagined it when he wrote 1984. 

But luckily we live in a free society and that's not the case. Or is it? Are we moving toward the big brother is watching situation? I believe so.

People with firm beliefs are a Godsend to the population. They create dialogue that progresses the issues that face us everyday, and we need that to happen. We need debate to move our society forward. But what's happening today is that someone voices an idea or opinion that, although legal in the eyes of the government, is outrageous to someone who receives the message and things go south.

There's a difference between being passionate about a cause and being militant about it.

People with passion can debate a topic with tact and civility, those who are militant, can't. If you don't agree with them, then fuck you. All over the news individuals are being attacked because they spoke out about an issue, and what you see today is not debate, it's militancy. 

It's on social media. People with opinions are not afraid to voice them and someone slams them for it which causes all kinds of wrong. Friendships end over a difference of opinion. All too often we see feeds that we don't agree with and rather than stir the pot, we let it slide. We fall victim to the politically correct movement. Don't piss people off with your views. Why not engage in an intelligent debate? Why not just realize that some people don't share your views? I'd like to see more of that, I'd like to take some people to task on their comments.

I've never really been one to stir the pot. I have my views and for the most part they're none of anyone else's business. I have political beliefs but I don't volunteer, I have religious beliefs but I don't preach, and I have social beliefs but I don't advocate. Last month something happened that made me rethink my ability to keep my big mouth shut. I was asked as I walked down the street to put my cigarette out because it offends Islam. Now let's think about that for a minute.

I wasn't asked because it offends the person, I was asked because it offends his religion.

Since then I have become more outspoken about things. I decided that day that my opinion should count, because if it doesn't the argument becomes very one-sided.

I think this guy should have kept his mouth shut. Just my opinion. He should have had a big glass of shut the fuck up. If me having a cigarette offends you, fine, I have no problem moving out of your space, that's considerate. His problem was religion and he shoved it into my face. I was pissed, and still am.

If I said anything to him about religion and how ours differ, I'd very much be on the losing side of the politically correct battle. Why? Because I'm a majority. And  majorities most always lose. Advocates for men's rights lose because they appear to be anti-feminism, white supremacists lose (and they should, not supporting them!), anyone pro-heterosexual lose, because they appear to be anti-gay. You get the idea. If you are part of the majority, you can't really voice the opinions you want to because you'll be slammed. We see it all the time. People who do stand up for these majority rights have to walk a fine line and do their research carefully. They have to prove they don't hate the opponent, they just have an opposing viewpoint. What's wrong with that? (except supremacists, they can all just fuck off).

I had a great talk this morning with a couple of people about freedom of speech.  One comment summed it up nicely....

"I would say instead that we have free speech, but not freedom from the consequences of our speech. You can say all the racist crap you want - it's not illegal, and the government cannot prevent you from doing so. But you aren't free from everyone thinking you're a big ole douchecanoe for saying it, or from others calling you out on it".

Thanks Janiece. I couldn’t have said it better.

It is worth indicating that Canada and the US have different hate laws in place. In Canada, you really can't say anything you want. Some of it is illegal. Nazi Propoganda for one, is outlawed here.

But is freedom of speech really free? At what point does your opinion piss someone off to the point that you just keep it to yourself? We shouldn’t have to get to that point. If you have something to say, then say it, just don’t say it in a way that will enrage people. Don’t be a douche.

Do No Harm is the creed of the Wiccans. That’s something to think about, and discuss.


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