Wednesday, 9 June 2010


So I have to get back into shape if I'm going to do this. Peak physical condition is not necessary, the PT testing is actually quite a joke, however, I have no intention of struggling through it. I have vowed to use this opportunity as the motivation I need to do something I should not have waited so long to do - get off my lazy ass.

I drive a desk for a living, and as such the only exercise I get is moving pens around, answering the phone, and running outside to grab a smoke (admittedly ironic!) So here I go. I've been out on my bike a few times now, between rain drops of course, and yes, it hurts like hell. Last week I went for about 2 hours, and my legs are still reminding me how utterly stupid that was. My goal is to change that. A friend of mine has started jogging, and I asked him if he wanted a partner. He's kind of in the same boat as me, out of shape and taking it slow at first, so going together is a no brainer, however, he doesn't start until 11pm. I don't really know how I feel about that. Another friend has decided the same thing - he's intent on using this effort to quit smoking. I guess a similar goal should be in order. Either way, I have support and won't have to do this alone. By my own admission I have absolutely no self-discipline. It's too easy to come home and jump on the computer or hit the couch. It's too easy NOT to exercise. I need motivation to do this and I may have found it in my friends. Ironically, not in the reason I'm starting this in the first place.

So I have the summer to do it. I have the summer to quit smoking, start running, biking, flying, climbing, whatever. I have the summer to revert 20 years. This ought to be fun! I will set myself goals and fail to achieve them on a daily basis. I will buy myself some new exercise clothes, that of course will be used to anything but (nice comfy track pants to play PS2 in?) Kim will kick me in the ass now and then for not getting to it, and I will start drinking the protein drinks again (I'm horribly under weight - another bridge to climb).

I will do this, even if everything here says otherwise. This post is my motivation. If I can look back on this and laugh when I consider just how wrong I was, then my goal will be met. If I can get my new uniform issued at least one size larger than my old one, my goal will be met.

I can do this.
I have to.


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