Tuesday, 8 June 2010

And it begins... Again.

I've been asked to come back into the military to help a struggling Corps. Of course, that's a decision that only took a minute and a half to make. I've been out for four years now, and there's a hole in my life where the army used to be. I've been in uniform since I was 12, and the past years, as much as I've joked about being a 'civvy', have been empty. I've been offered the opportunity not only to reenter the system and work with the kids again, but to redeem myself for past issues which shall remain in the past.

I love working with cadets, they're energetic, eager to learn, and in the end, teach me about life and staying young. Seeing a teenager on parade wearing rank, medals and carrying the pace stick, when only five years earlier this individual was a little hoodlum, is a mark of honour. Seeing that person progress and grow under your direction is heartwarming. On top of that, it's just fun! I start back with 2918 Essex and Kent Scottish in Kingsville, first Thursday in September.

Now the fun part...

When I retired in 2005, I was a Lieutenant, qualified Captain. I had all my courses, and was considering at one point applying to teach the officer qual courses. I had 16 years in the system, which qualified me for my CD, a medal for 12 years service. I also hold the Queen's Commission, awarding me all the rights and privileges entitled to an officer in the Canadian Forces.

Not anymore! Now I have to re-enroll. I have to restart from the ground up. I have to back up over 20 years and start at the bottom. I've lost my commission and rank, hopefully, I maintain my time in towards my CD, we'll see. I have to redo all my courses as well. Everything. This process has already started, I wrote the National Archives last night for my service records, then down to the recruiting centre. I have to go through the interviews, medical, physical fitness testing (that'll be fun!), and because I work with youth, background check and phsychological interviews. This entire process should take about 8 months, at which time I can get back into uniform, at a reduced rank.

I bit of a blow to the ego, but I'm up for the task. After all, it's about the Corps, not myself. It's about giving kids opportunities they wouldn't get anywhere else. It's about giving back. And besides, I've been looking for a way to shake the middle age duldrums, I've found it here, joining the army - again!

The challenge begins. Today.

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  1. Congratulations, Keith.

    Proceed with honor, my brother.


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