Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I put my favourite chair on the top of the blog. Anyone notice? With spring coming I want to be there soon, having 'porch' with neighbours and family. When we bought this place, my father immediately nicknamed the porch a hockey rink, considering it's size, that's not too far from the mark. We actually have played hockey on the porch.

Porch is a tradition around here. It involves people randomly showing up and the chairs multiplying on the porch, all of which hold a friend or relative, all of them holding some sort of beverage. This started with storms. We have a bunch of freaky neighbours who love to watch storms, and with a porch this size, you never get wet. We've sat out there through the worst spring storms, while other people are battening down their hatches. We leisurely sit there watching the lightning. It's getting to the point now that if the sky turns dark, someone will show up with a case of something. I like it.

That evolved into the spring and summer social event. We gather as the tribes did around their fires, to tell stories and laugh the night away. Yup, once again, we're responsible for changing the entire meaning of a word. Porch will never be the same.

So in keeping with the spring tradition, and while we await our inaugural 2010 porch, I have changed my header to reflect it. A warm spring day, with my chair waiting.

The pic is a portion of a panoramic pic I took when I was playing with the camera one day. Here's the entire pic...

Have a great spring, and don't forget the munchies!


  1. Oh Porch, how I miss you. Jen and I decided that tomorrow evening, we WILL be doing porch. We don't care what the weather to join us?

  2. I smiled when I read this entry on your blog. My mom's house in Fountainbleu had the 'porch added on several years after the house was built. After she passed we listed it as a prch with a house attached. It was a true statement.

    The front porch became the center of of the old neighbourhood. Where neighbours became good friends.

    I drive through a new subdivision and shake my head and think what a shame. All these new houses are nothing more then a double car garage with a house attached. No front porch at all. In fact the front entry way is nothing more than a mere after thought.

    People wonder why they no longer know the people who live on either side. What a shame.


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