Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ah, Facebook

I do freelance graphics, and we have a little thing around here called Ink Blotch Creative Graphics and Publishing. (The latter is really just a dream, we don't do much of that, yet). I've been meaning to build a website for months now, but just ask any mechanic what condition his own car is in. I haven't got there yet. So I did the easier thing tonight, I started a fan page on Facebook. Now I, along with 400,000,000 other people, have a fan page on Facebook. Soon, my cat will have one too. So I'm really not getting excited over it, I'm not expecting to see the job work pile in. It would be nice, but come on now, my cat' s page will probably get more hits.

I've been doing graphics for years, and I'm really quite good (HIRE ME). I'm not bragging or anything, but I know how to keep a print customer happy. Web customers, well, I'll work on that! 

I want to pick it up a bit, lately I haven't done much due to the longer days at work, the commute to another town, and Kim's weird schedule, but I'm getting the itch again to start up. I need to get my fingers dirty with something other than Canwest.

Eventually, I'd love to work exclusively from home on freelance graphics, but that's still a dream. I have friends who get to do that and I'm really jealous. Working in you pajamas hold a certain appeal to me. Not to mention no commute, no alarm clock, and a steady stream of coffee. Run errands when I want to, take a 4 hour lunch when I want to, you get the idea. 

Yeah, there are trade offs, the self-discipline involved is intense, and of course, that's listed on my resume as my major weakness. So I have a goal - work from home, build some self-discipline. I started the fan page just to get some feedback on my stuff. I will keep posted new stuff, and I will endeavour to tag all the stuff I've put up, eventually. But until I find the time to do that, it will just have to remain a mystery. However, anyone who hires me will be provided with all the answers, and the meaning of life.

Just don't become of a fan of my cat.

Facebook - search Ink Blotch.

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  1. Is it okay if my cats become fans of your cat? About the only thing that might, maybe, keep them off my lap. Keep losing circulation in my legs from them. Argh!


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