Wednesday, 10 March 2010


On my way out into the county yesterday I realized that I had a low tire, so I stopped to get some air. To my surprise, it now costs $1.

$1 for air.

Let that sink in for a minute.

One fucking dollar for AIR!

I moved on thinking that I had arrived at one of those stations that feels that customers should be jacked at any opportunity. To my amazement, every station I stopped at from Windsor to Kingsville has had the same air machine installed. All of them cost $1. I probably wasted a lot of fuel in my search for cheap air, but there's a point to to made here. Why should we be screwed for something as accessible and cheap as air? Why do corporations take advantage of consumers like this? It goes way beyond penny candy now costing a dime. It goes way beyond banks charging service fees to access your own money. It goes way beyond high taxes and high food costs. Now Air is a pricey commodity.

This is just one more reason I want to become a hermit in a log cabin in the woods. Somewhere where I never need air except to breathe it. Is that next? Are we going to get charged a tax on exhaling?

Fucking stupid.

I still haven't topped up that tire.

Have a nice *&#!@?*%$ day.


  1. Know what ya mean. Found a Canadian tire up here still at 50 cents. When it works. :)

  2. I could be wrong, as I tend to be lately, but I do believe that the non profit groups are using the air machines as a fundraising deal. SO you aren't REALLY paying for air, you are helping others....but without a choice. That is what bugs me.

  3. They are (mostly), but I give thru work already. Kinda infuriating(?) that the cost always seems to just double. Time to buy a new air pump. My old one wore out. Pick up nails and screws in my tires constantly while working. Almost time to get a new plug kit too. Cheaper in the long run.


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