Thursday, 26 March 2009

Time to update

It's time for a new look. Kim took this picture at Point Pelee National Park. It's about 50 km south of us here is Windsor, the southernmost point of Mainland Canada. The point itself is a sand spit that moves with the current. This particular year it was quite predominant, last year, it almost disappeared. The erosion of the point is such that one of the beaches that follow the point down to the danger area was almost wiped out. There are currents here at the convergence of the west and east sides of the point, that will pull you under in seconds. Many have died at the point over the years. It's quite well monitored, and only the very stupid find their way into the water here. It's been years since anyone disappeared.

Here's the unedited pic, the point is quite noticeable. You can actually walk right out onto it to the point where your feet are getting wet, I did go that far on this day, probably another 100 metres past the point we're at now. You can't see in the pic, but the point snakes to the left and disappear like sand would on a beach. It just slips under the surf.

Winter here is astounding. The ice piles up at the convergence of the point. Massive blocks of lake ice crash into each other, smashing each other up into the air like giant pieces of lego piled on one another. In the winter, if you're brave enough, you can go miles out onto the ice by climbing the blocks.

This was taken four years ago. It would be neat to get another pic of the three of us here now, the kids are much bigger.

Side note:
Bell finally showed up to install the DSL line in our new building today. When I told the tech about the issues of the past two weeks, he nodded quietly, and said "yup, sounds about right".


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