Tuesday, 31 March 2009

BELL again

I finally thought I got Bell DSL stuff for the new building done, but alas, no. After the lines were finally installed last week I called to inquire about the account activation and modem kit. Bell indicated it was sent out by courier to the location. Problem one - the sent it to an empty building. We corrected that. Yesterday I called the courier with a tracking number to ask where the package was - it ended up in the undeliverable pile. Turns out Bell neglected to put the business name on it, so it was addressed to Keith Wilson, 1614 Lesperance, blah blah blah.

So imagine a driver tooling around looking for the business name. Unless someone puts up a sign our plaza that say 'Keith Wilson works here', they weren't going to find one.

I headed down to the courier office, ID in hand, and got the package. When I got home I ripped it open like a kid at Christmas. I had to send the account info to our tech in the corporate IT department to program our router. Imagine my surprise when the account ID supplied by Bell was, you guessed it, for Toronto.

I'm back to square one, and we move in two weeks.


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