Tuesday, 24 March 2009


1. My house is temporarily a performance stage prop room. There is stuff everywhere that pertains to Kim's Odyssey of the Mind competition, and I'm afraid to touch anything. When I pick up what I think is garbage, I'm met with "don't touch that - it's a piece of a sandwich for our myth prop!" I've grown wiser over the past week, and just don't clean now.

2. Today is my sister's birthday. She's 43. If she had a blog I would direct everyone there to wish her the best. But she doesn't. It'll make her day a little quieter.

3. Spring still isn't here. Yesterday it was 5 degrees, today, 9. Still not very warm, I'm itching to get out and start doing stuff, but the cold just won't let go. It's not doing much for my morale.

4. Bug cut her forehead with Kim's razor yesterday. She has a nasty slash across the middle of her head. She said she was thinking about something, of course with the blade in hand. The thing bled like a stuck pig, we defined it to her as the worst paper cut she's ever had, and by the way, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

5. Work continues to frustrate. I'm trying to get the communications installed, but the company our head office wants us to deal with keeps losing every work order we set up. They even lost the change of ownership we set up a year ago. I had to do everything all over again. Morons.

6. I'm in the midst of one large freelance graphics project, one website, and one messy house. Therefore, in an effort to head off any sort of time management criticism, I've started playing GTA again from the beginning.

I'm sure there's more, but lately my life has been quite uninteresting. Just cruising along through the days, waiting for the shitty weather to stop so I can pull out my bike. Then I won't play GTA so much.



  1. I think that WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING fits well with not only with #4, but numbers 1,5 and 6 as well.

    There is no garbage, only props that have not yet been made...and you must admit, I DID make an awesome foam sandwich!

  2. Yeah, don't drop it on the Kitchen table. It might not be there when you get up.



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