Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I took a vacation day today to start getting things done. The backyard is a disaster. I have a burn pile ready to go and a lighter in my hand. The Christmas tree must go, it should make for great kindling. The receding snow left piles of shit in the yard, even Tim Hortons coffee cups from God only knows where. Assorted toys, busted containers of varying sorts, garbage that fell out of the bins on the way to the alley, 5 cases of empty beer bottles, et al. Just shit. I wanted to get going on this mess today to force Spring.

But it's raining.

So, change of plans. I'm doing laundry and dishes, working on the family history website, playing with my daughter who's home for March Break, and later, as a reward, off to blow things up on the PS2. I will make up for the rain - some chores, some fun.

Spring will come - I demand it.


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