Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April Fools

Well it's April. So what. The weather still sucks, the move is barely moving, work is piling up, Spring cleaning looms heavy overhead, all the news is bad, and the cat just bit me.

So I'm starting the day on such a positive note. Maybe it's the weak coffee, but today seems to be the day I just want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. I'm in a funk again today, and I blame the weather. It's raining and cold outside, and I'm desperate to get out there and feel the warm sun. I so badly want to get out on my bike - the best therapy I can imagine is a long quiet ride (mountain bike, mid life crisis hasn't caused a Harley purchase yet). But I can't really enjoy the ride when ice is forming on my moustache. There's also a burn pile in the back yard that's getting bigger. Any therapy method - burning things. I tried to get that going last week, but everything, including the Christmas tree was soaking wet. I'll try again this weekend.

I have chores to do around here too, I have to fix the back door and fill cracks in the foundation. I'll start simple, the annoying jobs may wait a little longer. That's a list that's not doing much for my funk.

On a positive note, Kim is heading to the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Iowa in May. Her team won in her division at the regional competition here in Windsor last weekend. Way to go guys! Now we just have to figure out the logistics of the whole thing. The short time between the two competitions is all part of the problem solving. You only have six weeks to prepare if you win. Now it gets frantic. The team will be taking my car, I really don't mind NOT driving for a week! It's a good opportunity to bike to work. Easier to get into shape when you have no choice!

The move at work is also positive. The problems with Bell are winding down, seems like I actually have everything I need now, and they can piss off for any year or so. I have my Ethernet switch, now I just need the router programmed. Once all that is installed we can move our offices in. I can't wait. My own office, my own door! No more working in the kitchen. Six years of trying to work while others are discussing life around the lunch table five feet away is over.

The joke now about the new office is who's going to be the first to lock themselves in the old vault. The building used to be a bank. We have to get that door disabled!

April is coming in like a lion again, it's raining and crappy out today. With luck this day will turn out well, the birds will sing, the planets will align and all will be good with the world. I'm starting in a funk, I intend to end it upbeat. Maybe that's my April fool's joke. Having everyone think my little grey cloud is still following me.



  1. It's been gray and snowy and occasionally rainy for the last two weeks. The sun has poked it's head out occasionally, but not enough to matter.


    And the old vault? Great place to threaten annoying co-workers with.

  2. One of our editors wants it for his office. He decided a book of poetry and a coffee pot, and he's happy. The computer wasn't brought up. I guess we really should get the combo at some point!


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