Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy Birthday Kimberly-Ann


Let's see, that's...
22 years of being legal to have a glass of wine
23 years of voting
25 years of being legal to drive - one you didn't take advantage of
22 years since you graduated high school
21 years since you moved into residence and started university the first time
4 months since you started the second time
20 years since you met me
15 years since you married me
14 years since the oldest was born
9 years since the youngest was born
5 years since we bought our house
5 years since dad moved in with us

Now you begin the second half of life. And with it, more dates, more events, more years. I intend to be there with you for all of them. We have now spent over half your life together, and I can't think of anyone who could have taken your place. Mostly because I don't know anyone crazy enough to do that!

Happy Birthday Kimberly.
I hope your day turns out as special as you are.



  1. That was a sweet post. And for when she drops by again, happy birthday Kimby!

  2. Just a correction...Dad moved in with us in 2003 that would be 6 yrs this year.

    But thank you my love...every day is an adventure with you, one that I would do over and over again.

    And thanks to you VINCE!


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