Friday, 2 January 2009

Removing the season

Tis the season to rip down all the decorations and put my house back together. 
It amazes me every year when the tree is out, the furniture put back where it belongs that we have all this room! I can swing a cat in my library right now, if only it were in here right now. 

The more floor I saw today, the more I wanted. We began purging. Slowly at first, then momentum started. I began going through the bookcase pulling out old volumes that have no apparent purpose anymore - I really don't think I need parenting manuals for toddlers anymore. 


Nick nacks and trinkets, old papers and pamphlets, this room is jammed with crap. We are a society of crap, I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I secretly want to be a minimalist, but it's not in my heart to purge that much. At least now I can see floor, I can see the wall under the window. I can now look around and imagine what potential this space has. Oh what to do with it...

More crap!

Every January 6th we take down Christmas. Always the day after Kim's birthday. Kind of a tradition around here. But this year the 5th will be a nuts day and we aren't waiting. Instead of rushing Monday and Tuesday nights we did it all today. When I look around though, it seems as if there is a huge whole in the heart of the house. We do holidays to the nines around here, remember Hallowe'en? Every time we take it all down it's the same thing. We miss the crap. Now we're simply left with pictures of the kids, artwork of various sorts, bookcases, plants, and the normal everyday accumulatives of life. 

But something new this year, there is finally a place to put that chair that has been floating around the house for months.


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