Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Why worry about things you can't fix? Why get stressed out about things you can do nothing about except sit back and watch things happen? Easier said than done. I can't just turn it off like I've seen so many others do. I'm watching things happen around me that I prefer not to go into details about, because they are really quite mundane. Concerns at work, concerns at home. One element itself is nothing. But begin to add them together and they begin to grow exponentially. They begin to bite at you. This is where I am. 

I need a night on the couch with useless non-intelligent television. Or a really bad video game. I don't know which would be less stressful - The video game would probably go south and I'd get pissed at it and throw the controller at a wall. More stress. That's out.

How about a good stiff drink. Well, the kids are here, Kim is not. Going that route would certainly earn me father of the year, wouldn't it? That's out, besides, drinking never really solves anything.

How about hugging my kids and letting their youthful innocence bleed the stress. Well, they fought likes cats and dogs just in setting the dinner table, they're still at odds over who was right. They are reducing my stress just by being in another room right now. That's out.

How about a nice relaxing smoke? Well that's not working, I'm just watching it burn thinking how bad this is for me. Maybe I'll quit. Yeah, that will reduce the stress!

Finally, a nice hot soak in the tub with the jets running. Yeah! That's the answer. I'll head up there as soon as I finish this. With my luck though, someone will hit the temp gauge on the hot water tank and I'll be scarred hot scalding water. 

Am I sounding a bit negative? Can't really see too much to smile about? Yup. Maybe at the end of the day this is what I need. Letting my stress out in a very public if non-violent fashion. With my luck the keyboard will get positively charged somehow and shock me with every keystroke. That hasn't happened yet, but I'm not done and the cat is moving slowly towards the power bar.

Maybe it's just the January blahs. It's cold and snowy outside, which certainly doesn't do much for all my stressers. Maybe a sunny day is the best medicine. Warm sunshine, laying in the tall grass watching the clouds drift carelessly by as birds soar overhead in a free and thoughtless manner. Maybe my happy place is on a beach in Aruba.

Look! The bird just got sucked into the engine of a 747. 


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  1. What you need is rainbow-farting bunnies. Kim can explain.


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