Sunday, 26 October 2008

Unexpected expectations

So today with my back still causing me tremendous grief, the family headed off to church while I squandered my time on the computer with Adobe GoLive tutorials. I am in the process of building the church website and needed a refresher on the software. It's been a while since I've done this in it's basic form, never mind the intricate interactive aspects I want to incorporate. My brain hurts after reading that stuff, almost as much as my back. I need to get back into this stuff, I've found that lately I'm not being challenged enough - I've been slumping at the computer with this, or random YouTube videos. Now this, admittedly takes great patience and some degree of skill, but too much of a good thing is ridiculous. 

I've always been fascinated with architecture, and as a graphic artist, I was hooked. Google Earth is pretty cool when the cities you're exploring suddenly pop upwards into 3D. Kinda neat. But going through some of the models on the site I noticed that my city was very poorly represented, I of course need to rectify that. I have spent the past two weeks wasting as much time as possible building this

I will let you know if I ever finish it. Back to the web software - After an hour my brain hurt so much with code that I needed a break. Then it hit me - I have a Playstation!

Another hour I will never get back. 

If I wasn't hurting so much I would actually do something around here, I'm not hurting for chores. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to bend. 

The fam came home from church telling me the priest was asking about me. Last week he indicated that I will be a new usher. I thought he was joking - he wasn't. Today he inquired as to my whereabouts and seeing that I was MIA headed off to fill the vacant usher position in a hurry. Between the website, youth group, building committee and now being a reluctant usher, you might think that I'm catholic. Surprise - I'm not. The priest is working hard to rectify that, Kim is quite pleased about his progress thus far, I however, have other opinions.  

I have no objection to the faith, I attend catholic services every week, and the whole family is quite involved in the church - both kids were and or are servers, Kim heads up the youth group and I do well, everything else. The problem I have is having to go t class to learn to be a good christian. I am constantly being razzed about being a heathen, I take it in good turn and there are times when being the only protestant in the family has certain advantages (another post).  I just have a problem being indoctrinated into the catholic faith the way the church wants me to - in class. I believe in more than the Vatican wants me to. I believe in the Gnostic Gospels, which the Vatican tried to admonish, I believe in priests marrying, I believe in choice, and much more. Doctrinal differences that I have grown up with. It would be nice if the church would break with some of its traditions and meet the new age. Imagine how many churches would have remained open if there were more priests to administer to the parishes? Our diocese is looking at a one-third reduction in priests in the next ten years due to retirement. This year only 8 were enrolled in the seminary. I actually support the church, I just think they are a bit behind the times. Hence, I don't really think I'm ready for the classes. I can't get around the differences in thinking.

So now I'm a protestant usher in a catholic church. Who'd a thunk it.

Now, I'm worn out with web stuff, Tired of Playstation, can't do anything physical around here, I've posted, and read the blogs that interest me. What's next - Ah! TV!



  1. Me thinks that you PROTEST too much.

    You know, there are classes for that sort of thing.

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  3. I understand. I'm a lapsed Catholic - a Christian, absolutely, but lapsed Catholic. I also think priests should be allowed to marry, and that women should be able to be ordained. The 325 decree of the Council of Nicea was a mistake, as was the 352 decree of the Council of Laodicea that women can not be ordained.


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