Saturday, 25 October 2008

Que'st que frick?

Les Canadiens de Montreal losing to the frickin' Disney Ducks. The grand masters of hockey losing to a team created after a stoooopid Disney movie is just plain sacrelage. There is something seriously wrong here. Likewise Ottawa losing to Toronto does not make me happy. Just add it to the strangeness of the day. Side note: Kim has a theory about why hockey players are getting bigger - they have in order to get their names to fit the jerseys. Pontakarofski just scored for Toronto, by the time you even say his name, 20 more seconds have passed.


Turning to Baseball now, the rain delay stopping game 3 is still in effect, however the game is expected to continue within a half hour. Hockey takes priority in this house.

It's now 6-3 Dicks over Montreal.

I am an ardent Ottawa Senators fan, Kim is a Habs fan, and the kids root for Toronto. Frankly, being from the great white beyond, any Canadian team will do. I have great affection for any of the original six team, including Detroit, Chicago, New York and Boston, but the Canadian teams take priority. I live to see the day that Lord Stanley's pail (the cat's namesake) resides back in our hands without just laying around in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Saturday night means hockey night, complete with munchies and drinks. The kids curl up on our laps and root for the blue and white, while we ponder bad trades and whatever Don Cherry is preaching about this week.

Ottawa just went down 3-2 to Toronto.

The kids are poking fun at me, but sportsmanship is accepting that you don't always win, you support your team in good and bad and accept the fact that the better team will win the day.
Of course except when the team is Disney.

Final score 6-4 Ducks.

Qu'est que frick.


  1. botbotbotbotbotbotbotbotbotboy

  2. Inside joke?
    Why is my wife laughing?

  3. k, his name is spelt PONIKAROVSKY

  4. Some things deserve research, some things don't. I didn't feel like checking the spelling, frankly, didn't think anyone EXCEPT him would know how to spell it. I bit of amateur journalistic faux pas on my part.

  5. I'd like to respond to what Nathan typed.


    Silly boy.

    Hmmm, I'm a SoCal girl, so I'd like to side with the Ducks. But I used to work for Disney (until they laid me off) and I still have issues, so, well, boo Ducks!

  6. I've worked on a Disney picture and they were fine in that context. But I know a few people who worked at the studio who said they were teh Evil.

    So, Boo Ducks! (What sport do they play?) :P

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