Friday, 31 October 2008

Trust me

Last night my oldest had his first Confirmation class in which I was given the wonderful opportunity to cover his face with wet plaster to the point where he could not talk or see. I completely covered his mouth - It was great; a teenager with no ability to talk back. I had the opportunity to let him have it so to speak, of course encouraged by the facilitators, also parents of teenagers. I didn't have to, the youngest took the reigns and did got the last word, or many of them. All oldest could do was hum.

The mask is symbolic of the mask we all wear to cover the real us. The facade we put up to give society an impression of who we are instead of the real thing. For years I have been asking people to remove their masks, their facades are quite fake and transparent. Admittedly my own mask covers the fragility of being. I put on a mask that says I can be a tough blunt spoken man, taking it off reveals one who is worried about the future of my children, the health of the things I cannot control, a longing for things and times past, and concern for my own mental health. The mask is somewhat transparent, there are many I do not allow to see through. 

Oldest's mask will be painted to reflect his personality and displayed in the church at his confirmation ceremony. Mine is displayed every day. First thing in the morning I put it on and it stays that way all day - making it hard to function freely all day. It makes it hard to be me.

What is your mask covering?


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