Saturday, 25 October 2008


Well, people have visited, thanks to the wife, now I suppose I need to post things. Let's start with a day of deja vu. Not since I had a blog years ago did my old back injury flare up and leave me incompacitated.  Guess what. On the very day I start over, my back goes out with great fanfare and tons of pain. Can't quite figure out why, except that I'm out of shape and drive a desk for a living, exercise seems to be optional in my life. It's about time I did something about that. I just ran a nice Jacuzzi bath, hopefully that will help. For my fortieth birthday a friend gave me a tube of Ben Gay. My wife got me a coffin and tombstone. I think tonight I will try the Ben Gay. 

So what else do you do when old injuries flare up? Of course, go pumpkin hunting. A family road trip into the county looking for a new pumpkin patch is just what the doctor ordered. Our old haunt closed last year - funny that the unfortunate victim of a messy divorce would be the local pumpkin patch and annual haunted hayride. Oh well, it's a weird town.

We've come home, pumpkins in hand after a 40 km drive to find a new place. The kids are happy, the wife is content, and I'm in considerable pain. Life is good. Of course, I'm the only driver in the family, so do the math.

Time to sit back and stretch, watch Lord Stanley cry for more catnip and settle in for a good hockey game - Toronto and Ottawa tonight, should be good, even if I can't feel my toes.



  1. Four posts in one day? Nobody likes an overachiever. :D

  2. Gotta start somewhere! I'm presently building a website for someone who thinks that the site alone is enough, even though one of the links only says "write something witty here."

  3. ...which is why I refuse to do web design for other people. :)

  4. Hey, one more visit, this one from San Fran. You do have a Sitemeter, right? You never knew when the 'tards will descend. :D


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