Monday, 14 June 2010

Long summer days

It's started, the long days of summer. Notice I left out lazy - that word has been stripped from my vocabulary. This past weekend we did the county roadtrip, for the first time since dad died almost a year ago. We've headed out before, but this time there was no agenda, no destination - just out. It was our intention to find our way to Leamington at the very least, and then meander back towards home. So off we went, around 8am, hit the Timmy's drive through for breakfast and then away.

This trip is nothing new for me, I do it every day going to work, but it's completely different with the family on board. We went through Kingsville, and then down the lake road to Leamington. We stopped at a few yard sales along the way, Kim bought a really nice reproduction tea wagon at some rich guy's house - always go to gated communities for yard sales - they've got the best junk! Next we headed into Leamington proper. There was a small part of me that wanted to see tornado damage, but the larger moral part of me just wanted to leave these people to picking up their lives. As you get closer to the harbour you can't help but to stare - the damage is astounding. The police were doing their part to keep gockers (sp?) out, they were checking ID at roadblocks, so we carried on. Down the road towards the point, we stopped at the lake and let the kids stretch, then back again. On a whim I pulled into the go-cart track, and we took the kids around a few laps. It's nice to be spontanious like that every now and then.

Back to Kingsville for lunch, then to the candy store. There's a place in Kingsville called Sugar, right on Main Street. Three words - you must go. This store has all the retro candy we grew up with, and the best 'fun' stuff around. Everything from insult greeting cards to stuffed animals in the shape of bacteria and viruses. I want to buy a brain cell this week. (Go ahead - I opened the door). I was particularly attracted to the five pound Hershey bar. I didn't ask the price.

We moved off down County Road 50 along Lake Erie, again, more storm damage. People were still cutting down the last of their destroyed trees. That is a very scenic route, and quite relaxing to drive. We came out around Harrow near the new wind farm. Kim was taken back to the turbines - they creep up on you, and their size is certainly impressive. She took a pile of pictures, and again, we moved on.

We headed back to Windsor with the used book sale for Terry Fox in mind. They held that at an empty store at Windsor Crossing - an entire store of cheap books! It was heaven for about an hour. I got a very heavy bag of books for around $20. Nice.

Just as we pulled into Windsor though, the rain started. Nice timing. We were home by 3:30, just in time for our extra child (Bug's friend who stays with us quite often on Saturday nights).

We emptied the car, set up the tea cart, and fell on the couch. A tremendous day. You don't really need to go to some theme park to have fun, although it helps! We needed that day - we needed to be spontaneous and light-hearted. I needed to beat my kids on the go-kart course, we needed ice cream and gum balls, we needed to laugh. I pulled us together as a family and probably did more for our collective phsychie than any other planned event.

Take you family and go. Go somewhere where there is no game plan, no map, just a car and a road.

Just go. It's worth it.

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  1. " I want to buy a brain cell this week. (Go ahead - I opened the door)." Open doors, love'em. :) Now why would you want to do that. You'll get mugged for it. Jealous Windsorites. Can't get their own. :)
    Sounds like what we did when I was a kid. Always did like Diana's for dinner. Sugar sounds like a place we have here, all the stuff from childhood. Never go in before eating. Bad idea.
    Glad you guys had a good day. Things like that the kids'll remember forever.


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