Friday, 2 October 2009

Off she goes again

One would think by the title that my wife is off again, and that concerns me. She is, but it doesn't. It's my car. It's off again - without me. Again.

Wife and friend are off to a retreat this weekend to find themselves. I'm hoping they have a good time, maybe see that they're both right where they left each other, in front of each other. It'll be a ladies night out - for a couple of days. With my car. Again.

My car seems to travel alot without me, lately it's been to Iowa and Ottawa, without me. Now it's off to the lovely town of Forest without me. It should send me a postcard once in a while. That would be nice - a postcard from my car saying 'wish you were here!' and all that.

I don't mind, I hate driving anyway, the periods of time when someone else is driving it is time off for me. So today I will find my own way home from work, good old public transit. Something I believe every driver should partake in once in a while just to bring you back down to earth.

No worries, it will be a good weekend - for me without my car, and for wife with it.


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