Thursday, 11 December 2008

16 years

It's been 16 years since Kim was last at class. 16 years of prodding her to go back. 16 years of convincing her that it was the right sacrifice to make. 16 years of Kim saying that she regrets not finishing university. 

She's done.

Kim had her last class today, which will satisfy the requirements for her double honours degree.

I am exceptionally proud of her! Just a short couple of months ago she huddled over the computer on the registrar's website, nervously holding her finger over the submit button. She asked me if she was ready for the step, I said she has been ready for 16 years.

The semester was short, I can't believe it's over already. She was so nervous, looking over her books, checking the exam schedule, wondering how the kids would get along 'without her'. Wondering how I would handle the extra load. She didn't need to worry, we got through it fine and Kim took to her new task the way she always does - with incredible enthusiasm. The kids were fed, the house was cleaned, the exams were passed, she did great. If this semester was an indication she will do wonderfully next semester. Yup, she's not done. She caught the bug again and will head back for even more abuse. 

I'm getting used to it now, seeing her geeked about learning. She has always thrived on school, it's really where she belongs. Wouldn't it be cool to get paid to do that? 

I can't wait to get pictures posted of Kim in her cap and robe, 16 years on, but not too late. It's never too late to start over. Now if she would just decide what she wants to be when she grows up....

Congrats Kim, you earned it.



  1. Thanks my Love!
    (But it is only One honours degree, with two minors...a third one has been added for next semester)

  2. Oh Keith! Don't you love it when Kim corrects would think that after so many years together you would have learned to either really listen to Kim or to check with her before you hit the submit button! LOL

    It's great that Kim is getting your support on this....and you're right...she really belongs in school. I remember her in grade 2 or 3, lugging books home from school because she had "homework"....funny how only Kim had homework and she was so proud too!

  3. At one time it was a double honours. Then you started changing things, then I got confused. Then I decided it was still a double honours with the option of more fun in January. Either way you passed.


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