Monday, 3 November 2008


I drove by a house on the way home from work that displayed a Canadian and American flag. The American flag was flying tall, relatively new. The Canadian flag was ripped, weather beaten and droopy. It looked like it should have been disposed of years ago. I live in Canada. I have pride. I fly my flag high and clean, following military rules like never letting it touch the ground, etc. etc.

It seemed to me today that this guy needed a knock on the door. For all I know he just hadn't gotten around to replacing it yet, but the visual says volumes. The same argument could be said if we lived across the creek in Detroit. It doesn't matter - Flags are symbols of pride in your nation whether by birthright or chosen home. Fly the damn flag properly or not at all. I would not have been at all offended to see just the US flag there. At least that way it is simply denoting the person's homeland and their pride therein. 

What I say today says US is great, Canada blows. No pride at all. Just malice toward the country he or she resides in. 

Just ranting.


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  1. How many times have we had to explain to the squibs why someone is flying an American flag here? While i have no problem with someone paying homage to the country of their birth, I take offense to those who choose to ONLY fly said flag. And not because it is the American flag, but any flag. IF you made the decision to move, to settle, to become one, then make sure that you have room on the flagpole for BOTH.

    I am not going to comment on the state of the flag, although in the CanLit frame of mind, I am sure i could come up with some sort of symbolism with Nature having ripped apart the know, classic Nature vs Man? Sorry, couldn't help it...(Exam today you know)


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