Saturday, 8 November 2008

Perspectives in a half a cup of coffee

So far this morning - morning being defined as the first half of my first coffee at 11am, Kim has been invited to the symphony with a friend and another friend is heading out looking for a Christmas tree. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

It's November 8th. Not even Remembrance Day yet. It's too early. At work we're busy getting the Gift Guides ready for print, along the main streets the lights are being strung on the trees, the leaves are falling, the wind is picking up, stores are starting to play Christmas elevator music, and the ads have begun. BUT IT'S TOO EARLY.

There are twelve days of Christmas - We all know that from the song. That of course is how we learn about these holidays, the commercialism of it all. Being that there are only twelve by my count the season should start on December 13th. IT'S TOO EARLY!

Last week was Hallowe'en, next week is the week of Remembrance, we still have to get through American Thanksgiving (in Canada we do this in early October). I'm not ready for Christmas yet. I look forward to the season, but not all the commercialism that comes with it and it seems that it starts earlier every year. With the economy in the toilet it seems that business is just trying to get the most out of the limited pool of cash out there. People this year will spend less. That's a fact. But with less money out there isn't it time we take advantage of the situation to get back to basics? Isn't a longer season commercialism going to have a negative effect on us by giving us more opportunity to realize we can't afford the things we want to give for Christmas?

Isn't this ridiculous?

I'm a cynic by nature, and it takes alot for me to see a positive spin on something. I'm all about Christmas day with the snow gently falling and the kids opening presents in the morning, and the carols playing, not to mention midnight mass. But I'm not all about blatant attempts at ripping my hard earned money from my pocket this early. I will shop for my family and friends and I will give what I can this year, but not yet. It's not cold enough and there's no snow.

In December I will begin to take notice, put coin in the Salvation Army kettles, pick my tree, pull out my ice skates, put up the lights, stock up on gift bags, etc. I will begin to rant about the reason for the season, and I will wish people Merry Christmas - even though it's not quite politically correct anymore. Screw that - December 25th is not called Holiday Day. It's frickin' Christmas Day. 

I will play carols and make snowmen. If someone buys me a sweater with snowflakes on it I may even think about wearing it. But not now. There's too many other things to think about now. My daughter's birthday is in three weeks. That's first. I'm also preparing my Remembrance Day post - it needs a lot of research and my hope is that it touches readers emotions - much more than a bunch of lights on trees at the beginning of November. 

Let's put things into perspective. Christmas should not last over two months. It should not overshadow the other important events that land in the run up. It should be about family and faith, it should be a happy time. It should be traditional. I plan on teaching my children the true meaning of the holiday - the birth of Christ, not the power of toys and trinkets. This year more than any other, it's the perfect message.



  1. Just to point out, the Symphony is a Remembrance Day retrospective.
    And CAN we go get our tree? Buck is doing it....Can we can we can we....pleeezzeeee?
    (sorry. it had to be said.)

  2. Buck's tree came in a box, and he paid $5 for it at the church bazaar's Attic Treasures table. And I'm pretty sure it's the same tree I donated last year when I cleaned out the basement.

  3. well, I, for one, can't wait to get started on Christmas. Every year I say, I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do that, but never seem to find the time, then BANG! it's Christmas Eve and I've done nothing. Not this year. I'm starting early. Baking, music, crafts with the kids, decorating the house, neighbourhood tours, concerts etc. I really want to savour the season this year. Not sure why I'm feeling this way this year, but I'm goin with it. Gonna start early and take it slow. Maybe Christmas won't be gone before we know it this year :)

  4. I was at Walmart a couple of weeks ago - under duress, I purely *hate* going there but there was something I needed only they carried. Maybe AC/DC's new album? ;) But I digress.

    They had shelves full of Christmas stuff. Around the 20th of October. It was competing for shelf space with the Halloween costumes and candy.

    Seriously annoying. Dec 1-31 is all the retail marketing machine gets from me.


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