Thursday, 4 June 2015

Things I Care About, and Utter Bullshit I Don't

The older I get the list of things I care about changes. In some cases I've become much more active, things concerning the environment, pollution, waste of natural resources, and how war is affecting us all. I tend lately to care about social injustice, such as the plight of millions of underpaid families in comparison to the first-world complaints of those who don't have enough caviar. Big banks piss me off, as do stupid politicians from many nations whose dimwitted actions are a clear indication of gross incompetence.

Police killing people pisses me off. Large corporations doing whatever the hell they want at the expense of the people pisses me off, war pisses me off, massive increases to the US military industrial complex, fracking, Monsanto, drug cartels, the NRA, Stephen Harper, Katheline Wynne, Bush supporters, and anyone who still flies a confederate flag in the US. All piss me off.

Today, what pisses me off more than anything else is stupidity and ignorance. Let's put this into perspective. Anyone named Kardashian should be ignored by the population, anywhere. And Kim's giant ass, referring of course to Kanye West, should never be a fucking issue.

Ann Coulter, Bieber, Kesha, Honey Boo Boo, the cast of Jersey Shore, for that matter anyone who's ever been on a reality show.

Fucking ignore them.

We make stupid people famous and while everyone's attention is squarely focused on these dregs of society, laws get passed nobody knows about, crimes are committed that nobody hears about, disasters happen that nobody will help with and despots conquer areas we should know about.

It's fucking pathetic.

Last week Bruce Jenner got a sex change. Really, short of the small tidbit of information about one of this generation's greatest athletes making a life-changing decision, I can't see why this is news. He's, sorry, she's everywhere. And I frankly could give a camel's back end about it. It's not much different from Superbowl coverage in the US, everything must get put on hold for at least a month to sort out how his sex change affects world oil prices. Economists will be consulted, laws will be re-written, and tea leaves will be read. All the while I will skip the stories and look for something that directly affects me. I wonder how many people in my city realized the police found a man's body in an alley today?

There was even a story on a news site the other day giving readers a "first look" inside Jenner's Malibu home. They're grasping. Meanwhile, in real news, hundreds died in Iraq and Syria. Weeks after the Stupidbowl I was perusing  CNN and noticed there were 15 stories on the landing page about the NFL. We were subjected to endless stories about how some moron deflated a ball, all the while the world burned. CNN gave us an inside look at how many cars Oprah owns.

We've become a society of idiots, and that's entirely our fault. You can blame the popular media but frankly they're only looking out for themselves, they're in it to make a buck. We choose to read this unequivocally stupid meaningless insignificant drivel. We choose to look away from things that should affect us. We don't. Instead we stare at a picture of some women who last week was a man, and wonder what the inside of her house looks like. Then we check Kardashian's Twitter feed. Obama got a Twitter account a couple weeks ago, I doubt he'll ever get anywhere near her followers, I mean really how interesting is being POTUS compared to buying a new dress.

Speaking of dress, gold, white, blue or black, any way you shake it, I don't give a shit.

I care about my tribe, my clan, my town. I are about events that shape those things and events that shape me. I cared about the Red River Floods, I cared about the space shuttle disasters, the genocide in Rwanda, among hundreds of other issues. I also cared about my daughter's report card, and my son't promotion. I care about cousins in Scotland, and my friends and family here in Windsor. I care about many things, and I don't want to be that guy who knew he was leaving the world a shithole for my kids. I care about fixing the damage.

Caitlyn Jenner is an insignificant speck of nothing. She's a flea on a horse's ass for all I care. The question is why is this person getting more attention than the almost 400 people killed by cops in the US last month?

Why do we pay attention to this garbage? Because it frees us.

Tuning into someone else's problems for a while distracts us all from the realities of our little lives. Sure I pay attention to entertainment and actors, sure I observe the comings and goings of those in the limelight, but many times it's followed by a "told-you-so" moment. TLC's 19 Kids and Counting (utter shitty nonsense) finally got pulled from the air when it was revealed the father, Josh Duggar, has molested his kids. Will he go to jail? Of fucking course not - he's a celebrity! The bastard should be shot in my books, but no, we'll all tune into the trial and hope for the best. These fuckwits are contributing to our society's moral and ethical demise faster than a train can crash. And that's what this is, a fucking train crash. Want to get famous in the US? Have an obscene amount of children and then beg for help caring for them. It worked for Octomom. Now, by the way, she's a stripper. How do I know this? I don't have a choice but to know, it's force-fed by the mainstream media.

It's time we got our own houses in order and stopped contributing to these fucktrumpet's houses, literally. They're getting richer off they're antics all while the banks increase your service fees, again. Think about it. Then do something about it.

Stop making stupid people famous. Make yourself a legend to your community instead.


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