Friday, 21 November 2014

Whack-A-Loons et. al.

I've spent a bit of time this week bouncing around the internet reading different things, news sites, Facebook pages on political subjects, off the grid information sites, I even stumbled upon some sites dedicated to conspiracy theories - they make for particularly funny reading. With all these sites a common theme came through time after time: people are idiots and will believe anything. With the advent of this form of media being made available to everyone from successful business professionals to struggling students, opinions abound. And they're funny as hell.

Here are some of my favourite topics gleaned for the week's efforts...

• The CIA created ISIS
• Obama and his administration are muslims and are trying to destroy the US
• A giant fissure that opened up in the Arizona desert is God's way of keeping Mexicans out of the US
• There are concentration camps operated by FEMA throughout the US and Canada
• The United Kingdom is now 80% muslim
• The 9/11 terrorist attacks were carried out by a group of Jewish bankers
• The United Nations is trying to disarm the US by influencing the government into changing the 2nd    
• The attack on Canadian Parliament was faked by the government in order to raise the security

So many idiots, so little time (for them). 

We've seen over and over again that people (and sheeple), have some very weird views of the world and their views are more vocal when turmoil hits us. Everyone has an opinion, and thanks to free speech in our little part of the world, everyone is entitled to those opinions. But people don't think about how ridiculous these ideas are. It's entertaining to those of us with brains, but pathetic. It only goes to show how dumb people can be.

Yup, I wasted a week reading this dribble.

Notice that three of the above "news" items are based on muslims? That isn't really a surprise considering what is going on in the middle east. Let's put out a disclaimer here, I'm not going to support or slam any religion again, my religious views are my own and I will leave them off this forum. Suffice it to say though, these ideas are based on religious fears. Especially the idea that God ripped a hole in the earth to help "fix" the immigration problem. Christians fear muslims, muslims fear Christians and Jews. Jews fear nobody. It goes on and on. As entertaining as these posts were the religious aspect of the information was getting old fairly quickly. So I switched to mainstream media to turn my brain back on. Guess what, didn't work.

Mainstream media sites covered many news stories last week, from the shooting at a Florida university, to the massive snowstorm in New York State, to Obama's immigration decisions. (Apparently nothing happened outside the US). Then I made the mistake of reading comments. And again, my brain melted. The sheeple started all over again with ridiculous right-wing neo-conservative religious based dribble. These idiots are the ones that give religion a bad name. They're the ones spreading hatred and intolerance. And the paranoia doesn't stop with comments on news sites, I clicked on some of their FB links only to find they're certifiably nuts. With a giggle I carried on. 

People don't realize just how dumb they come off.

Idiots of the world unite. That should be Facebook's motto. Social media has been an amazing advancement for our age, it connects us to the world in ways we never thought possible just a few short years ago. But it has also endangered our own sense of morality and ethics. By using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other media platforms people are displaying their personal agenda for all the world to see, and much of it isn't pretty. The problem of course is that sheeple believe this crap. It becomes the truth for those who can't disseminate real information from meaningless garbage and moronic theories. It does one thing however, it provides hours of entertainment to people with brains and a sense of humour.


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  1. Hey Keith. Man did you hit the nail on the head! Well thought out and written.


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