Friday, 20 January 2012

Random things

I woke up this morning to find my oldest home from school, he slept in, so he was called in. As a trade off, he's today's slave. He gets to fold laundry. Hee hee.

The youngest is in the kitchen (which is wrecked anyway), making Kim a belated birthday cake. She has the recipe open on the computer and is coming over now and then to check ingredients, a short time ago she started yelling that the cake broke. Of course hearing the word cake, we all rush in to find chocolate chunks. Everywhere. Now I don't worry about her cooking, she loves doing it, at 10 years old she would randomly go bake a cake with homemade icing on a Saturday; she's done this before many times. So this morning's fiasco was quite a surprise. She tried to take them out of the pans before they cooled and they broke into a thousand pieces. Iain handed a chunk to Kim and said Happy birthday. Nice breakfast.

Young one is at it again, trying to fix the damage, I'm sure we'll have some sort of cake today. Kim's birthday was on January 5th, but that was pre-zombie removal and she couldn't eat, so we promised her we'd take care of things once she recovered.

It's been a week now since her surgery and she's doing great. Yesterday we went to the hospital to have her staples removed, I was amazed how fast that went - only about 10 minutes once she got into see the nurse. Then we hopped a bus and went to Wal-Mart. I wasn't crazy about a 45 minute bus ride, I'm still not used to not having my car. On our way to the stop, the snow hit hard and we couldn't see across the street, by the time we got off it, it was sunny. Stupid weather. Still too friggin' cold out though, I can't wait til Spring. Today it's a balmy -17.

So today is a lazy day - except for the slave. Young one has a PD day and is heading off to sleep at a friend's house tonight, I have to clean a destroyed kitchen, Kim is doing something with clothes, and the slave is taking a break and reading a book. He will be shovelling the walk soon. The house seems active and so far, content. It's a nice feeling. I haven't decided if I'm getting dressed today though, I may not - I may not in protest of winter.


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