Thursday, 5 January 2012

My wife

Today is my wife's birthday. She's 44.

It's just a number, and if you keep in mind the old phrase you're only as old as you feel, she should be 22. She's an amazing person, who has the ability to rise up to any occasion when called on, help anyone who needs it, and makes our lives better just by being near us. To us, and anyone who knows her, she's the one who makes everyone else feel 22.

I've known her since 1989, married her in 1994, had our first child in 1995, our second in 2000, bought our first house together in 2004, and had countless other experiences over the years and since. I have now spent almost half my life with her, and there is nobody I would rather have achieved that with than her. She is my everything.

She's not always had an easy birthday because it's right after Christmas, she seems to get cheated sometimes, so this year I'm giving some thought to moving it (against her will of course), to sometime in February. Maybe then her zombie gall bladder won't be giving her issues, and she can have some cake. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to put a candle in chicken soup. Any thoughts? We intend to give her the day anyway, giving her the 'queen for a day' title. But she's my queen everyday.

She's passionate, poetic, sympathetic, ambitious, giving, artistic, musical, beautiful, and yes, tough when she needs to be. She's also been there for everyone who has needed her advise, or to just talk to when you're down. In the past eight months I have relied on her alot, maybe too much, to help me with my issues. Just by her presence I feel better. Just by her coming home I light up again. There are few words that can really ever describe the one you love. Sometimes it's just a matter of being with the person to truly know. With Kim, I know.


I'm in mid-life crisis right now, hence the name of this blog, and the contributing factor to my issues over the past year. Kim is just getting started. She jokes that one day she'll figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. I hope she never does grow up, grown ups are no fun. She jams with the teens, she's the 'cool mom' of the hoard that hangs out here, and they love her too. Not just for the food (I can't talk about food until the zombie is gone, but man, can this woman cook!).

Of all the people in my life over the years Kim has been the one constant. The one shining star in the night sky that I look to for inspiration and hope. She is my best friend and I could never imagine life without her. Today she gets a little older, but also a little wiser. Today is her day to bask in her own glory. We all get our days, and some of us get selfish and greedy about it. Today Kim will still give of herself. I hope we give it back appropriately.

Happy Birthday Love.
I look forward to another 44 of them.


  1. Thank you love. Sometimes it is easy to give, other times not so much, but know that for you and for all i hold dear in my heart, if I have it, it is yours.

    While yes, this past year has not been what any of us would have planned, it has provided learning experiences, valuable lessons and a chance to step back and decide what is really important.

    You can have your mid-life crisis. I am still way too young...after all, many of the women in my family have lived to over 100 yrs of age. This means, i am still a toddler :)

    Thanks for your thoughts, and your wishes.
    They are truly beautiful and fall into my heart, which is where I can always find you. (even on THOSE days)

  2. You two are just too perfect for each other. The love and respect you have for each other is an inspiration. We should all be as lucky as you two.

  3. Perfection is rare... you two are of the rarest breed... God Bless you both. Happy Birthday Kim.


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