Friday, 21 January 2011

Time to get ethnic

I'm ordering my new kilt. Yup, it's about time I did something selfish and egocentric. I've wanted to for the longest time, but I couldn't justify the cost. I still really can't, but hell, I'm doing it anyway.

I found a great website that custom makes kilts, at a great price, and best of all, they're actually in Scotland, not Zambia, or Guam, or Bangladesh. I have nothing against these places, but a true kilt should come from the place that made them famous. Check out if you feel you should also fulfil your destiny as a crotchety old Scot. They've got some great stuff.

I'm a Wilson, so our tartan is but-ugly. However, I am of the Clan Gunn, which if I was getting picky (and I am), they have much better colours. It's a difficult choice, even the Gunn offer 3 different tartans. If I hate it after I get it, I can't just have them redo it!

So this is my first blog entry since Remembrance Day, and I'm going on about buying a kilt. Kinda silly, but that's where my head has been lately. So much going on at work and at home, constantly running around and taking care of things elsewhere, I've decided to treat myself to something I've always wanted. Problem is, shopping for highland kit isn't the same as going to Moore's and buying a suit. The kilt is just the start, then there's the sporran, the hose, hose tabs, jacket, kilt pin, Sgian Dubh (small knife sticking out of your sock) and whatever else your heart desires. Lots of stuff, lots of money. So the idea is to assemble everything over the next little while, and be ready to wear it... ???

Doesn't matter, I feel the heritage in me, and I want to honour it. I know the jokes will fly about me in a kilt. It doesn't bother me at all, it's not the first time I've worn one. Beside, if anyone asks what the difference is between a kilt and a skirt, the answer is simple - a punch in the head.


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