Monday, 16 August 2010

Thinking in plaid

I went off to play silly bugger this weekend. I attended the First Annual Military Muster at Heritage Village. I won't go into all the details, frankly almost everyone who reads this was there. If i didn't talk to you, I at least saw you. From my vantage point in the vendor's area I watched thousands of people wander by all day taking in the sights and sounds of a wonderful and long overdue event. I was playing the role of recruiting officer this weekend, trying to snag unsuspecting teenagers into the cadet movement. A role I've played many times over the years. I enjoy talking to the parents more than the kids, it's usually them asking the questions anyway. I had a half dozen cadets with me, all of whom probably enjoyed the free admission and lunch more than the chance to bring up their numbers. In any case, putting on the kilt again this weekend gave me the itch, again. For years I've wanted to invest in highland garb and play the part. Recently I've even become a member of the Scottish Club. It seems that as I get older my heritage is more important to me; maybe as a way to honour my father, or maybe because I'm just proud, but I want my own kilt now. Not a borrowed one.

As I sit here pondering such a silly thing the first question that comes to mind is where would I ever wear it? Would it be practical? Should I go regi... oh, wait, never mind. It doesn't matter, it'd get use. Lots of it, just not in January. There are many events around here that could warrant it's use, everything from Highland Games to this weekend's muster. I'd find a use. I got married in one once... I could do it aga... oops.

Just a thought running around in my head, a thought of heritage, history, culture, everything my father brought us up with, the sound of the pipes, the swing of the kilt, the jokes of the un-initiated. It's all part of the game.

So I'll begin trolling the net for deals. My missing other me is out there somewhere.

Beannachd leat

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