Monday, 29 March 2010


It stopped snowing, now it's raining.
Bring on Spring.

The temperature is supposed to be way over 20 before week's end, and I'm bike shopping. It is my intention to be on 2 wheels as soon as the temp goes over that magic number. My legs will probably rebel on me, and I will again consider quitting smoking, but that's spring! I spend the winter closed up in the house and wrapped up in sweaters and coats, I get no exercise save shoveling the occasional snowfall, and the rest of the 4 months I hibernate. I hate it. 

Spring is rebirth. Mine.

I actually go outside without going anywhere. I actually look around my yard and consider what needs to be done. I actually see neighbours. I actually clean out my car. Then I hit the bike. 

I have a long list this spring. I have to replace the front door handle, replace the back door and frame, fix the foundation at the rear of the house, paint the porch, fix the chair cushions (in preparation for porch), fix the back fence, clean out the shed, strip and clean the BBQ, and that's just my list. I'm sure Kim has a honey-do list ready.

This weekend is Easter, a really big deal around here. We will host dinner, and the guest list keeps growing. We're up to around 20 for dinner, with more people to contact. All that and 20 degrees too! We'll be outside and I can't wait. 

All this coincides with some nasty crap going on in my life - my boss cut my hours last week - because someone complained they're too busy. So I'm helping to pay for a part-timer. Nice. Just another whack at the pocketbook, add that to higher gas for my 45 km commute, and no raise in sight. I'm looking for another job right now, but casually. At least I have one right now, so it's not urgent. I want to pick up the freelance graphics again; it' s been a long time since I've done anything here, and the itch is hitting me again. Not just because I miss working for myself - the money is a huge factor. I started a fan page on facebook - Ink Blotch Graphics. I'm using it for a sort of online resume, so go visit and see if I can offer anything you need! It's not very complete, I'm still working on it. I'm also putting together a website, and looking at other online marketing schemes. What pisses me off is the number of people who think that they're designers because they have some cheezy imaging software. I lose so much business from people thinking they can do my job themselves. Hey - go build your own car because you own a junkyard, let me know how that works out for you.

I'm optimistic about the future now. The jobs will come, as with Spring. Ah, but there's the rub - when the nice weather hits, and I want to be out on my bike, I'll be on deadline for some sort of design work, and I will look longingly out the window.  Maybe I need to invest in a laptop and work at a park!

Have a great week.

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