Wednesday, 3 March 2010

flu season

We've all been hit by the flu around here lately. Last Friday, after surviving the initial burst that Kim and my daughter fell victim to, I spent the night sharing the bathroom with my son. We took turns. I managed to crawl out of it by Sunday night, just in time to go to work on Monday.


Why can't I get sick during the week instead of the weekend. We're all better, however tonight, my daughter again ran for the bathroom. A week to the day since she got it last time, it's back. Kim spent her day off yesterday bleaching every touched surface in the house, and opened every window for most of the day, bringing scornful comments when my son came home from school about the fact that it was warmer outside.

We've been through the worst flu season in our families history this week, all four of us hugging a toilet almost simultaneously. It wasn't fun.

I didn't eat a lot for about five days, and weighing in at a whopping 140 pounds, that's not something I can well afford to do. I did come home tonight to a wonderful dinner and all four of us with appetites, the first sit down dinner since last week. That all eroded within hours. Now we're back fighting the demon.

Tomorrow should be fun - again. Seems like we've all done this before. Here's hoping it passes me by this time, we don't need spring coming in like this.


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