Saturday, 9 January 2010

Prime Minister Harper is a Fucktard

We elected a fucktard.

I really don't think I'm saying anything here that most people don't already know, however, the fact that he's the PM at all is an indication that he does have his followers. But his decision to yet again prorogue parliament (for the second time in a year) is probably not earning him many more fans.

I normally don't jump into political opinions, I'm more or less apathetic when it comes to it - I don't really think it matters who's in power - they all mess it up eventually. To me it's just a matter of how long it takes before they do something really stupid that raises the public's ire. Harper managed to do that a little quicker than his predecessors. It sucks to say this but the only effective political system (however flawed and stupid) is totalitarian. The democratic system that we enjoy is plagued by issues that prevent governance. In-fighting, constant attempts to derail opposition (sound familiar?), and public scorn essentially stop the process.

I'm not telling anyone anything they don't already know. Nor is announcing that Harper is fucktard news. This guy has proved time and time again that he's an arrogant, self-centred and self-serving prick. From day one when the press caught him shaking his son's hand on the first day of school instead of any fatherly show of affection, we've known this man is a robot with a programming error.

This video is from the last time he prorogued parliament. I'm sure Air Farce will have fun with this one too.

It's not uncommon for parliament to be suspended for major national events, the olympics are no exception. However, the Harper has taken this opportunity to throw EVERY piece of pending legislation out the window. When you prorogue parliament, the session ends. Period. Everything starts over. Everything from the majority opposition pending debate. Every parliamentary committee stops, every back-bencher legislation (which won't get in anyway, but still has a place). Harper has shut it all down with the excuse that it's more important for MPs to attend a hockey game or see some figure skaters than govern the country.

Harper's not stupid in one respect - he's found a way around his minority disfunction. If you can't beat 'em - prorogue 'em. He can't pass anything of his own by the majority opposition, and the opposition bills on progress will pass with or without him. So get 'em all cancelled! The funny thing is the date parliament is coming back is the day before the budget is due out. That means there will be no budget consultations. No meetings, no input of any kind. This guy is too much. He's an arrogant ass who thinks that he's pulling the wool over the voter's eyes. It would really surprise me though, if there is any fallout. Nothing will happen, the voters themselves as a majority are still a trusting lot who think that there must be a reason for it all. Yeah, there is - Harper has just prolonged his government for another three months.

At any time the opposition can call a vote of non-confidence. All they need is a consensus among the opposition parties (harder than you think with one of the largest being the separatists). Did Harper see some writing on the wall with upcoming legislation? Did he get worried about the vote? Not likely. He's seen the opposition's track record of late - they can't get it together either. Between the lot of them we have the most ineffective parliament in the history of this country. Think about it - when have we ever seen a minority government that has free reign as if they control the whole house, just because of back room deals and an opposition with no teeth?

So the party goes on. The business of the house stops until March. The Governor General gives Harper his way (she really didn't have to, but I think she was afraid of the repercussions of saying no to the request to prorogue). The opposition will take the time to come up with yet another ineffective strategy to oust Harper and his government, and of course, fail. Harper will squeal with delight about the fact that he gets to be the Prime Minister for another session. This arrogant ass has stopped the business of the country because of his own narcissism.

Can you think of a better reason for him to be voted out than not doing the job he was elected for? I think even hardcore supporters of Harper will agree to that.


  1. You already know how I feel about Harper. The sad thing about the opposition not standing up to him is not that they can't call a vote of non-confidence, it is that that really CAN'T call a vote of non-confidence. If Iggy was to do so, it would be the same as him standing on a street corner and saying don't vote for me. The people were tired of the whole election process after being sent back to the polls when they shouldn't have. In the 2006 federal election Harper won his minority gov't. In 2007 the law was passed fixing federal election dates every four years, which meant our election would be in Oct. of 2009. There was, however the loophole which allowed for the government to be dissolved with a vote of non-confidence. Apparently that loophole also allowed for the PM to ask that gov't be dissolved, which he did and we went back to the polls again in 2008. Add to this the members of Parliament who switched sides (six of them) and the public was all out of patience when it came to gov't. Add to that the problems of the opposition-fighting within the ranks, new leaders-and what you create is a public who doesn't care who is governing, as long as SOMEONE is doing it. We started 2009 with no gov't as Harper had prorogued parliament, and here we are at the start of 2010 in the same boat. People are tired of hearing about the gov't. The fighting, the "I don't want to play this game anymore, so I am taking my ball and going home" mentality". Is it any wonder that Canadians are apathetic when it comes to government? How can you be excited about something that doesn't work? Even those of us who used to get fired up about politics are starting to get the feeling of...I don't care who does it, just GET IT DONE.

    For the record, I would not mind an election being called tomorrow, if it meant that we may actually have a government who governs.

  2. I googled "Harper is a Fucktard", thinking someone must have thought of it first, i'm glad you did. good post.

    1. Ha ha, same as me!


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