Monday, 25 January 2010


Hi. Haven't been here in a while, I'm trying to get used to new digs at work - again. Yup, for the fifth time in one year, my boss has moved me to another office, this time in Kingsville, 48 kms away. I started the new job on Friday, moving my stuff into my cubicle - I've given up my office for Dilbertville. I set up computers, unpacked boxes and hung pics of my kids on the 'walls'. Today, I started serious work, helping with the papers.

My job is primarily prepress, which is the front end aspect of printing, in which the customers send their files digitally and I scream bloody murder when they're all messed up, thus saving the press manager from screaming bloody murder when he tries to print from garbage. It's fun. Most of the time the files are perfect, we deal with some pretty smart people who know what they're doing. Sometimes though, we get duds; my job then becomes fixing the problem. It may involve fixing it on our machines or in some cases getting the customers to send the files again properly. It's a living. In the next month or so we're to get press upgrades, so I came in just when all the fun happens. It's quite interesting helping with new processes and fixing the bugs in the system. It gives you a sense of real accomplishment helping develop something that will be around for a long time and having your stamp on it - even in a small way.

Kingsville is a nice town. It's the southernmost town in mainland Canada, and quite picturesque. We have often gone there on our days in the county road trips, heading for any of the many attractions in the area, or just to have lunch somewhere. It's just that kind of place you'd want to walk down mainstreet for no apparent reason. I've been doing that since I was a kid - my mom loved a little restaurant on Main Street called 'the Dutch'. It used to be just a lunch counter kind of thing, I will go there for lunch sometime this week, it's been years since I was in there and I'm curious to know if it's changed. In towns like this, things don't change much.

The only real downfall to this new schedule and office is the hours. I now have a one hour commute, instead of my normal 10 minutes on the expressway. One hour of morning county traffic on one of the busiest roads around - Highway 3. In the morning, it's a parking lot. Getting out of Windsor at that time is also a pain, I have to leave earlier and therefore I hit all the rush hour traffic heading for the Oldcastle industrial area. I'm sure at some point I'll find a way around that, which of course, will toss me into the path of a few school buses I've managed to avoid.

My speedometer upon arrival -
48.7 kms one way. Nice commute.

So I haven't been here much lately, I'm trying to adjust. It's only been two days, but they've been long. I was going to write over the weekend, but I was having too much fun to bother. I'll get back at it, and considering I received a message this morning asking if I'd like an advertisement on my site, I guess I should keep going!

Have a good week.

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  1. My favourite way, because I hated hwy3 is south on Walker Road, through Foote's curve into Harrow past the all way stop. Then left at the very very end. Then a straigt shot to the prettiest town in the county.


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