Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Olympic Torch comes to Windsor

I took the kids tonight to see something that they will probably never see again, and we lucked out. Seeing as how I smashed my finger and it hurts like hell to type, here's some pics of the evening.

Before the torch came around, the bearer waiting was posing with people. I of course, jumped on the chance and shoved my daughter into the frey.

This is a keeper!

The Torch being handed off.

This is one of the bicycle escorts giving instructions to the bearer before he finishes his run. A motorcade followed the runners, buses, police, entertainment trucks to pump up the crowd, you name it. After each runner was done, they had their torches snuffed and got onto a bus full of other torch bearers.

A pic of the crowd at Festival Plaza on the riverfront. I got a kick out of the Greek flag among the see of red and white. You can make out the Renaissance Centre in Detroit in the background, and the stage events on the jumbotron.

We saw the torch twice tonight, we caught it on Huron Church Road, and then again downtown. We went to the west end just to go to Dollarama, and quickly realized we were on the torch route with only 10 minutes to wait! The torch went by us within about six feet.

Finally, I tried to get a close up of the Jumbotron, showing the cauldron being lit. It didn't turn out that well, but we were far back in a crowd of thousands. The MC said that this was the largest crowd they'd seen yet, which of course made the crowd erupt. I'm sure he'd used that line before.

So that's the history making event in Windsor tonight. I have more shots, I will upload them to Facebook. Too bad it was dark, but at least the flame itself - the reason we went, was well spotlighted.

Now, my finger hurts, so I'm done.

Anyone ever seen the flame before?

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Wow! That's great that you and your kids got see the Olympic torch. Those pictures are probably as close as I will ver get, so thanks for posting them.

    You and your family have a great Christmas!


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