Thursday, 31 December 2009

Good Riddance

Out goes 2009. Good riddance to you; you've been nothing but a vulture tenant in my basement sponging food from the freezer and asking for more time on the rent. Get out. Get the fuck out, now.

I'm tired of you sucking the life from me, I'm tired of your pulling me down with you. You need to go somewhere where you can't hurt anyone else, you need to get out of my house and never venture another look in here again. Really, get the fuck out.

You've taken almost all of my dignity, my pride, whatever happiness I might have experienced had absolutely NOTHING to do with you. I had happy moments in spite of you. The times when I looked the other way for a few brief moments when you were out, to a place where one could be in a good mood for just a while, where birds flew high in the morning sun, where I smiled to my family and friends, where I enjoyed life, but then you came back. 2009 came back to burst that little happy bubble, and again, you caused me misery.

Since you arrived in our home:

• Kim couldn't find work.
• My father died.
• The economy completely tanked taking thousands of people's livelihood with it.
• The City of Windsor lost it's mind, almost creating a war between union and non-union supporters.
• Things at work got worse - I'm sure you had my boss over a few times talking about me.
• My favourite hockey team started playing like shit and didn't even make the playoffs.
• We lost even more troops in Afganistan, I'm sure you snickered when you heard that.
• Our politics got stupid - The government has no accountability, the opposition has no teeth, and they started legislating on things that shouldn't be bothered with instead of dealing with issues that will make you leave me in peace.
• You didn't let me run the Olympic Torch - instead my boss had it, I'm sure that's got something to do with his visits.
• There were some things that happened that we would have liked to have taken part in, such as the Red Bull Air Races, or the International Air Show, or Festival Epicure, Windsor Summer Fest, but NOOOO, you had to get in the way of everything! You sapped me and my family so we couldn't go. Again, get the fuck out.
• The reunion I helped plan tanked out. I blame you.
• Even my friends felt your attitude. You affected some of them so badly that you have no support with them either. We stand together against you.

I'm sure there's more reasons I hate you, there's more that went on around you to convince me to kick your lazy negative minded ass the hell out. You brought down everyone you came near. It's time for you to go.

Next year is already starting positive, a new tenant to take your place, he at least has given us rent in advance, all you did was take. Maybe we'll invite 2010 into our lives and become friends, unlike you, you energy sucking parasite. Maybe 2010 will give us motivation to stomp firmly on you and say to ourselves - Remember that jackass who took over the place? Remember that shit head who drained us and made us think that live really sucked? Well, you're that parasite. Good fucking bye.

Time to give your replacement a proper place in our lives. Time to welcome him into our home. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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