Monday, 19 October 2009

Graduation Day

My wife had her convocation ceremony yesterday. It wasn't in a hall with thousands of other university grads, it was at a friend's house, in her living room. And there was cake. She couldn't have hoped for any more than these friends did for her, they put her in robes and a mortor board, handed her roses and a diploma and walked her through to the sound of Land of Hope and Glory. Then there was cake. I am so proud of her.

Kim graduated university this year, with a student card that starts with 87. It took her 22 years to finish. She walked away years ago with only a few courses left, to work for a living and raise a family with me. She always talked about going back, but it was never in the cards, one thing after another came up, and we said, OK, next year. Then next year, then next year, and so on. Last year she finally did it. Being in a job she hated, she bit the bullet and called the U. I was so proud of her - she's a natural student, like a sponge she absorbs information and throws herself into whatever the professor is on about. She loves to learn. When she finished her required courses in the space of one semester, she signed up again, and kept going. This time with a history minor. That semester didn't quite work out, but at least she finished her major.

After all these years she can say with all honesty and privilege, I'm a University grad.

I'm very proud of her. Seeing her yesterday surrounded by family and friends who cared enough to throw her her 'own' ceremony, made me swell with pride. To those there yesterday, I know I didn't show it much, but trust me - it was there.

Now the real work begins. Now that she's a university grad, she has to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. But today it doesn't matter, because there was family, friends, and cake.

I love you Kim. And I'm proud of you.


  1. Wait!!!!
    No one said I had to grow up??!! You would think I would have learned to read the fine print. Damn.

  2. Grow up? Why the hell would you want to do that? I figure that I am sort of a grown-up only this year, because I bought dining room furniture.

    Congrats on the good work!

  3. A disclaimer, if you don't mind..The 2nd semester did work out, it was just the money did not last :(

  4. Way to go Kimmy!! YAHOO I am proud of you!

    I wish that I had the courage to go back to school. For now I will continue to learn the lessons from the U of Life.

  5. Congrats on your belated degree-getting skills.

    But more importantly, congrats on the pie-making, strudel-making, cider-making, applesauce-making, etc, etc, skills!

    All my love, The Troll.....


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